The ewes produce more lambs

One choice: choose to keep a good breed of sheep and pay attention to the selection of excellent individuals from the litter of male and female lambs that produce a lot of lambs, such as multiple lactating ewes with good lactation and breast-feeding properties. Utilizing the lamb's mutability is highly hereditary, and the breeding ability of the ewes can be continuously improved by appropriate matching methods.

Two pairs: full manure breeding and timely mating 1 mandarin breeding. The short-term superior feeding of the ewes 1 month before mating, that is, the use of appropriate amounts of mixed concentrates or grazing quality pastures, so that the ewes increase their fertility and rejuvenate, and the maternal breeding. Particular attention should be paid to feeding protein, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements and other nutrients, such as feeding SY-1 and SY-2 series of compound additives in the ewes diet, the effect is better. 2 timely breeding. The ovulation time of ewes is mostly in the late stage of estrus. The age of the ewe is related to the duration of the estrus, so the period of mating is not the same. Generally, the elder's estrus duration is short and should be bred early after estrus. The young ewes have long estrus duration and the breeding time should be appropriately retired. The middle-aged ewes should have estrus between the two and should be in estrus. Mid-term breeding. Using multiple insemination or repeated breeding can effectively increase the conception rate.

Third, the use of: that is, the use of double lamb, hormones and biological stimulation 1 the use of double lamb, the cost is low, the effect is good, the application of the promotion value. Two lambs sub-oil and water agent. Oil preparations should be intramuscular injection of 2 ml in the buttocks of the sheep 14 days before mating; water preparations should be injected subcutaneously in the neck 5 weeks and 2 weeks before mating, 1 ml per branch, and timely inoculation after estrus. Can significantly increase the conception rate. 2 use of hormones. Practice has proved that autumn estrus is not suitable for breeding sheep, 13 days after intramuscular injection of pituitary follicle stimulating hormone 180 units, divided into two injections, the first day of injection of 100 units, 80 units the next day, into the male rams feelings, the ewes on the day of vein or muscle Re-injection of luteinizing hormone 80 units, and immediately bred, can increase the lambing rate of 30% -50%. 3 use of biological stimulation. The method is mainly to adjust the light cycle and breeding season, and before the start of breeding, the ram is introduced to tease and the time is manually controlled within 8 hours, so that the ewes can quickly estrus. The ewes are pregnant for 150 days and light control is implemented after delivery to achieve the goal of producing two babies a year.

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