Fruiting trees are not fruitful

As the saying goes: "Peach three apricot pear four years, the jujube tree saw money that year." This is the fruit of the fruit of the fruiting period of experience. The times are different, and fruit trees are changing. This view is far out of date. Now it is fruitful in 3 years, and it is not uncommon for 4 to 5 years of bumpy crops. However, there are some fruit trees of the right age that have not yet come to fruition. Is this why? In addition to the effects of varieties, rootstock and land conditions, and seedling quality, there are several main reasons.

1. Less fertilizer and water input In the sapling period, if the fertilization is watered and left to grow, it is difficult for the saplings to meet the flowering material needs. For this kind of “starving” saplings, fertilizer and water should be increased to improve the nutritional status in order to have appropriate results.

2. Improper pruning If the pruning of the saplings is carried out for 1 year and 1 short cut, and the weight is too short, it will inevitably lead to prosperous growth and the tree vigor will be unstable and difficult to bear fruit. The pruning of saplings should take plasticity as a long-term goal, with the aim of increasing branches and stabilizing tree vigor.

3. The branch angle does not open. The fruit tree branch has a natural upward growth habit. If it is a sapling whose branch angle does not open, it will inevitably grow vigorously and will not slow down. The growth center will move outwards, the interior hall will close, and the conditions for ventilation and light transmission will deteriorate. The result is difficult. The solution is to open the branch angles in the growing season with supports, pulls, pins, cranes, etc. This is the structural basis for the early results.

4. Impacts of pests and diseases and inter-crop orchard management is extensive, and the majority of pests and diseases are serious. Branches, shoots, and leaves were all damaged to varying degrees, inhibiting normal growth, and delaying the age-appropriate outcome period. Some orchards unscientifically grow some crops, compete with fruit trees for water, fight for light, and even become the host of fruit tree pests. This is extremely detrimental to the growth and fruiting of fruit trees.

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