Key points for wildlife breeding

1. Site and Environment: The breeding base should be selected in an independent area, as far away as possible from the residential area, and block the invasion of external pathogens from the source. During the cultivation process, we must gradually improve the surrounding environment and create a tree-lined, wild-scented living environment for wildlife.

2, disinfection off: disinfection is an important part of aquaculture production, breeding farms should be based on the type of animals and habits, to develop a series of strict disinfection system, including the establishment of disinfection pool, personnel disinfection, site disinfection, utensils disinfection.

3, feed off: In the breeding process of wildlife, should formulate a scientific feed formula, add appropriate feed additives, promote the absorption and utilization of feed nutrition, improve animal growth, production performance.

4. Water Sources: Water for wild animals must be kept clean and free of pollution. Wherever conditions permit, it can be used for spring water or drilling.

5. Prevention of Disease: Farms must establish strict hygiene standards, regularly sweep feces, clean food troughs, floors, cages, etc., and strictly use vaccines for animals in each growth period.

6, air quality clearance: In order to improve the air quality of the farm, in addition to timely removal of fecal waste, can be added to animal feed EM bacteria, in order to promote the absorption and utilization of feed and reduce fecal odor.

7. Music Passage: The farms regularly play light music or classical music every day to weaken the aggressive and non-gregory habits of wild animals and create a relaxing and enjoyable growth environment for wildlife.

8. Technical clearance: The current level of professional production of domestic wildlife is still very low, and most farms also lack professional technicians, making the disease frequently affect the quality. The majority of farmers should first master the main points of feeding techniques and must not be hurriedly launched, and must be introduced to the field with a full set of technical training.

9. Institutional clearance: Many farms are arbitrarily arbitrarily managed and lack related supporting management, which will seriously affect the aquaculture efficiency. Farms should formulate strict rules and regulations based on the characteristics of the animals they raise, and raise their aquaculture efficiency.

10. Disposal of pollution treatment: A biogas tank can be established in a qualified farm. Generally, the farmers can establish a sewage purification tank, and the water hyacinth in the tank can be used to decompose sewage. The purified sewage can be used to irrigate pasture and fruit trees. The manure is treated as pollution-free and then used as fertilizer for other agricultural products to prevent secondary pollution.

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