There are many methods for flower rooting

There are many methods for flower rooting

Root is a very important part of the flower, it is directly related to the growth of flowers, in order to promote difficult roots of osmanthus, magnolia, plum, jellyfish, camellia and other flowers and roots, in addition to the use of ABT rooting powder, naphthylacetate, indole acetic acid and other auxins In addition to material treatment, other economical and simple methods can also be used to promote flower rooting. (1) Warm water treatment. Soaking the base of the cuttings from 1/3 to 1/2 with warm water of 30 to 50°C for 4 to 12 hours can reduce the amount of rooting material in the cuttings and increase the rooting rate. (2) Nutritional treatment. With the use of sugars and auxin, good rooting effects can be obtained, usually 2% to 10% sucrose and 5 to 10 mg/L auxin mixed solution, immersed in solution 12 from the lower part of the cuttings 1 to 2 cm. 24 hours. Herbal flowers use 2 to 5% sucrose solution and 5 to 7 mg/l auxin solution; woody flowers use 5 to 10% sucrose solution and 7 to 10 mg/l auxin solution. Can also be used vitamin B12 solution soaked to accelerate rooting, with medical vitamin B12 injection cold water to double the dilution, the cuttings base soaked for 5 minutes, slightly dry after cutting. (3) Heating treatment. The electrothermal hotbed is used to pressurize the root and the temperature is maintained at 23 to 27°C. The maximum temperature cannot exceed 28°C. If pot plugs are used, the pots can be placed on radiators or fire pits in winter, which is a good result. (4) Circumcision treatment. For some precious flowers and trees that are not easy to root, during the growth period, the base of the branches can be peeled off with a ring or tied with iron wire. Cutting the cuttings along the girdling stage during the dormancy period is beneficial to rooting. (5) Treatment with biological agents. Jinbao root seedling can significantly promote the rooting of the seedlings, enhance the absorption and fixation of the roots, can increase the temperature, germinate early, and promote weak seedlings into strong seedlings. When planting and transplanting, the seedlings can be quickly rooted and rooted, and they can prevent leggy and resist disease and stress. It is better to cut the base of the insert longitudinally before handling.

In addition, for the flowers and trees such as Reishi, Yew, Japanese rock cypress, fig, sweet-scented osmanthus, etc., they can also be used for cuttings, that is, when cuttings are collected, their bases are accompanied by a few annual branches, which are conducive to rooting. Compared with the traditional method, the golden treasure rooting agent has fast rooting, many roots, strong seedlings, strong disease resistance, and high survival rate.

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