Live maize, wheat stubble, no-tillage, direct seeding, technical points

Summer corn, wheat stubble, no-tillage direct seeding, refers to the wheat harvest without ploughing and other field operations, the direct cultivation of wheat on the wheat stubble planting methods. There is a need for supporting measures such as wheat harvesting machinery, corn no-tillage sowing machinery and wheat straw treatment.

Wheat straw processing Wheat harvesting should use the harvester equipped with straw chopping and scattering device as far as possible, or use no-tillage seeder with stubble-killing function when corn is sown, and complete multiple operations such as straw smashing, stubble killing and corn sowing at one time. . Wheat straw crushed length should not exceed 10 cm, throwing evenly.

Appropriate early sowing of heavy corn disease in Fengxian County in recent years should be appropriately delayed so as to ensure safe planting after June 15th.

To increase the sowing quality of the sowing, large row spacing 80 cm, a small row spacing 40 cm, 1-2 tablets per hole, sowing depth of 3-5 cm is appropriate. In case of drought, the method of deep sowing, shallow cover and repression can be adopted so that the seeds can be placed in a moist soil layer.

Precise quantitative fertilization of maize requires more fertilizer. High-yield fields require 18-20 kg of pure nitrogen, 6-7 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 10-12 kg of potassium oxide per mu. For zinc-deficient fields, zinc sulfate is required to increase zinc sulfate 1- 1.5 kilograms. All phosphorus and potassium fertilizers were applied, 40% of nitrogen fertilizer was applied, and 60% was topdressing. No-tillage seeders are generally equipped with a fertilizing device that can be applied at the same time as the sowing. When sowing, it is best to apply compound fertilizer with seed fertilizer, and isolate the seed fertilizer more than 10 cm. The big bell-mouth heavy panicle fertilizer (50% of total nitrogen) was used to supplement grain fertilizer (10% of total nitrogen) in the male silking stage.

Insect pests and weeds were removed with nicosulfuron at the 3-5 leaf stage of seedlings. Big bell mouth attention to control corn borer. Normally, it is necessary to prevent and treat diseases and pests such as leaf spot, smut, bacterial wilt, cotton bollworm, aphids, and red spider.

Normal and late harvest usually farmers in the corn when the yellow leaves will be harvested, in fact at this time the corn just entered the stage of physiological maturity, there is still 7-10 days from full maturity, this time harvest will be reduced by about 50 kg per acre. The promotion of mechanized harvesting and the technology of returning whole straw to the field will not only effectively increase soil organic matter content and avoid straw burning, but also save labor costs and increase the speed of corn harvest.

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