What are the unique effects of microbial fertilizer?

What are the unique functions of microbial fertilizers? Microbial fertilizers play an important role in agricultural production. This is reflected not only in the improvement of soil nutrient supply, but also in the promotion of crop growth, disease resistance, stress resistance, increase in yield, and improvement. Quality and other aspects (take the example of the Golden Baby microbial agent).
1. Improve soil nutrient supply status: Microbial fertilizers mainly promote the dissolution and release of insoluble nutrients in soil through various microbial agents. At the same time, due to the release of a large amount of inorganic and organic acidic substances during the metabolic process of microbial agents, the release and chelation of trace elements such as silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium and molybdenum in the soil are promoted, which effectively breaks the soil compaction and promotes the formation of aggregate structure. The ineffective fertilizer fixed in the soil is converted into effective fertilizer, which improves the supply of nutrients, ventilation, and looseness in the soil.
2. To promote crop growth: The use of microbial fertilizers promotes the production of stimulants, ie, plant growth regulators, and regulates and promotes the growth and development of crops. The use of microbial agents can promote the production of gibberellins, auxins and other active substances.
3. Strengthen the ability of crops to resist disease and stress: Some strains of microbial fertilizers have the function of secreting antibiotics and various active enzymes, inhibiting or killing pathogenic fungi and bacteria; at the same time, a large number of field trials also prove that the application of microbial fertilizers can Reduce the incidence of pests and diseases and enhance the resistance of crops. It has certain control and inhibition effects on cotton yellow wilt, rice blast, wheat powdery mildew, stalk rot, vegetable damping-off, blight, and bacterial wilt. A large number of experiments have shown that the microbial agent of Dien can effectively inhibit Occurrence of certain kinds of nematode diseases. At the same time, it also has obvious drought-resistance, cold-resistance, lodging-resistance, salt-alkali-resistance effects, and enhances disease resistance of crops, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of crop physiological diseases.
4, increase production and improve quality: the use of microbial fertilizer can increase the vitamin C, amino acid and sugar content of agricultural products, effectively reduce the nitrate content, so that the produced agricultural products delicious and good-looking, to sell a good price. Different crop yields can be increased by 20-30%.

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