The Prevention and Control Techniques of Chinese Cabbage Tuberculosis

The clubroot disease of Chinese cabbage is a fungal disease. This disease not only harms Chinese cabbage, but also has different degrees of damage to cruciferous vegetables such as greens, radishes, cauliflower, and rapeseed. Root tuber disease mainly damages the roots of Chinese cabbage and can be damaged at seedling stage. In severe cases, the seedlings died and the trees were damaged. In the early stages, the aboveground part was not obvious, but the growth was slow and dwarf. The severe ones showed water shortage. The base leaves were wilted at noon, and sooner or later, the leaves were yellow. Withered until the whole plant died.
When the soil is overwintering or over-summer in the soil, a large number of dormant sporangia are contained in the swollen cells of the main diseased roots of the crop. After the diseased tissue rots and decomposes, the spores are scattered in the soil and generally can survive for 6-7 years.
Cabbage and swollen disease conditions soil temperature and humidity. Bacteria can develop in the range of 6-30 degrees Celsius and 50%-98% of field water capacity.
Soil pH. The bacteria is suitable for acidic soil environment;
Excessive application of acidic fertilizer on the land.
Method of prevention and treatment of hepatopancosis in Chinese cabbage Soil disinfection was carried out by spraying seedlings with 75% dextrin soluble powder plus 50% carbendazim wettable powder 500-1000 times, and increasing the use of grass ash and acid soils. Alkaline organic fertilizer and other measures to transform the acidic soil, to alleviate the occurrence of the disease with the swollen.
Seed treatment after 50% carbendazim WP plus 58% 400 times soaking. 7 days before emergence, 50% carbendazim WP and 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times solution were sprayed to prevent germs from entering the field.
Strengthen the management of drainage ditches in the field must be unblocked, so that irrigation and drainage can be done, there is no excessive accumulation of water, and the control of field capacity does not exceed 50%.
The timely removal of diseased plants should be promptly removed and timely burned. Limes should be placed around the diseased points to prevent the spread of pathogens.
After the onset of cabbage disease with swollen disease, 58% of Rhizoctonia MnZn plus 50% carbendazim WP and 75% of dexamethasone Soluble Powder 600 times were used to irrigate roots in 0.5 kg per plant.

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