Farm Maintenance Experience - Disassembly and Installation of Steering Brakes

After the damage to the steering brake band of the Dongfanghong-75 tractor, the dismantling method is: remove all the connecting parts of the main tank, the left and right brackets, and the rear axle cover, and fix the mast, lever, and length of the brake band at the bottom of the rear axle. Pin and front and rear return springs, loosen the brake band stopper at the bottom of the rear axle, open the left and right crawler belts, one person pulls the front half of the brake band forward in the arc of the passive drum, and the other person turns the drive wheel to brake Withdraw yourself. The installation method is: in the ready-made brake belt pin hole a length of about 600mm No. 8 low-carbon steel wire, inserted along the front of the passive drum, pull out from the rear, pull the edge of the pull, brake belt installed in place After removing the low-carbon steel wire, install the other parts in reverse order. Then adjust the free stroke of the left and right operating levers and left and right brake pedals as required.

The fresh organic Huang Yuan Shu, whose diameter is 90mm, is selected with natural green without additives and high quality Huang Yuan Shu.
Organic apple, as its name implies, is from the organic agricultural production system, according to the organic certification standard production, processing, and certified by the independent organic food certification body and Apple products. Apples produced according to the organic food planting standards and production and processing technical specifications and certified and certified by the organic food certification organization. In the process of production and processing of apple, the use of synthetic substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, synthetic pigments, hormones and other synthetic substances are absolutely prohibited, which conform to the requirements of the ecological system.

Organic agricultural soil fertilization is based on the relationship between root microbial soil and soil, taking comprehensive measures to improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil, and coordinate the relationship between root soil microorganism and soil.

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