Gansu cultivated colored calla lily

China's first colored calla lily was born in our province. The first batch of bulbs has been exported to Holland, a world flower power. Recently, the expert group organized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology passed the appraisal of the new color calla lily variety “Micai 2”.
China originally had only white calla lily, and colored calla lily was originally produced abroad and was expensive. At present, the annual demand for colored calla lily bulbs in the world is more than 800 million, domestically more than 10 million, and the annual growth rate reaches 10%, which is known as the "flower star" in the 21st century. China's mainland began to introduce color calla lily varieties more than 10 years ago, all of which failed due to diseases.
The flower experts in our province introduced a batch of colored calla flowers six years ago. After the plants were planted, they were almost “annihilated” because of the disease. Only one yellow flower survived. This deadly colored calla lily really brought a “post-blessing”. Experts of our province combined biotechnology, factory-based agricultural technology, and conventional agricultural technology, and tried to use high technology to cultivate it. Linfen, a flower company, used the scientific research system of production, education, and research as a host of scientific research to guarantee it from the capital. After six years of arduous efforts, under the dedication of the experts of the Provincial Flower Engineering Technology Research Center, this cultivar with a “aftertaste” finally produced a new variety “children” and was named “Micai 2”. .
Through the cultivation of “Micai 2”, experts in our province have also established a breeding technique system for colored calla lily, which produced more than 3 million seedlings; and formulated the quality standards for the production of colored calla lily bulbs for production. More than 2.5 million small seed balls and more than 1.8 million flowering balls; mastered the temperature and humidity technology of colored calla lily refrigerated bulbs, making the storage period reach more than 8 months. At present, 100,000 seed bulbs are also exported to the Netherlands, achieving a zero breakthrough in domestic flower bulb exports to the world's first flower powerhouse.
Researcher Qiu Zhonghua, chief expert of the Provincial Flower Engineering Technology Research Center, said that the price of each kind of ball of “Micai 2” with independent intellectual property rights in China is around 7 yuan, and it is produced in the international market in the Netherlands, New Zealand and other countries. Balls are priced at more than 20 yuan, and both sides are of similar quality. Therefore, "Mai Cai No. 2" will have extremely strong competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. So far, "Mai Cai No. 2" that has not yet been mass-produced has achieved sales revenue of more than 6 million yuan and net profit of more than 3.5 million yuan.

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