Autumn and winter fruit disease prevention effect is good

In the growing season, fruit deficiencies, lobular disease, and yellow leaf disease are caused by the lack of trace element fertilizers. Applying a certain amount of trace element fertilizers in combination with basal fertilizers in autumn and winter seasons has a good effect on the deficiency of fruit trees. long time. The fruit surface is uneven and the fruit has a spongy, fruity, bitter quality. The disease is caused by the lack of boron. In combination with the base fertilizer in autumn and winter, 0.5 kg of borax or 150 g of boric acid is applied to each tree in the full fruit period. Leaflets are small, clustered and the leaves do not stretch. The disease is caused by zinc deficiency. Combined with each strain of the base fertilizer, the adult tree is applied 0.5 to 1 kg of zinc sulfate or 0.5 to 1 kg of zinc-iron mixed fertilizer. Yellow leaf disease is mainly manifested in the young leaves of young shoots that are yellowed. The disease is mainly caused by iron deficiency. For this purpose, 0.5 kg of ferrous sulfate or 0.5 kg of zinc-iron mixed fertilizer is applied in combination with the yield peak of each strain. According to the nutrient deficiency symptoms, in the fall and winter seasons, when the basic fertilizer is applied, the minute fertilizer and the organic fertilizer are uniformly mixed and then applied under the tree, and watering is required after the fertilization so that the root system can restore the absorption function as soon as possible and increase the storage capacity of the tree.

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