Safe driving of agricultural vehicles and tractors

At the moment, many farmers' friends have bought agricultural vehicles or tractors, but they still do not know much about the traffic laws and related knowledge of agricultural vehicles and tractor drivers. Here, they will systematically introduce them to the farmers' friends. According to the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Road Traffic Management," motor vehicle drivers must pass the examination of the vehicle management authority and obtain a driver's license to drive the vehicle. When the driver drives the vehicle, he must carry a driver's license and a driving license. The driver's license must not be loaned, altered or forged, and it is not allowed to drive a vehicle that does not comply with the driving license. Agricultural vehicles and tractor drivers must pass the examination of the vehicle management authority to obtain a driver's license. The examination is divided into three parts: traffic regulations and related knowledge, site driving, and road driving. The driver must pass each examination in turn. The motor vehicle driver test is to see if the candidate has and has mastered the driving technology and can safely drive the motor vehicle in order to ensure the safety of the driver and others. Drivers must participate in the annual review from the date they receive the driver's license. Unqualified, can not continue to drive the vehicle. The annual review of agricultural vehicle and tractor driver's licenses mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Audit drivers’ annual safety production records, including safety operation experience, compliance with laws, lessons learned from accidents, etc. 2. Examine whether the driver's license has been altered, forged, damaged, etc., whether the photographs are in line with the person's appearance, and whether there are untreated violations or anecdotes. 3. Physical examination confirms that the driver has no obstacle to safe driving. 4. Conduct safe driving, law-abiding, driving theory and operation technology learning and assessment. Annual inspections of agricultural vehicles and tractors across the country are conducted at the same time. During the period of review, generally the prosecutors will go to townships and work on-site during the slack season. Operators can participate in the annual review, they can run less, spend less, and improve efficiency. If the driver's license and the annual inspection of the vehicle cannot be reviewed on an annual basis for any reason, it shall apply for a postponement of the formalities for review. With the approval of the vehicle management authority, the annual inspection procedures may be renewed during the postponement period. The time limit for general deferred annual inspection and annual review shall not exceed 3 months. The operational safety of agricultural vehicles and tractors mainly involves three aspects: vehicle management, maintenance, and fault maintenance. Vehicle management mainly refers to the annual inspection of the license plate management of agricultural vehicles and tractors, vehicle technical inspection and driver's license. Agricultural vehicles and tractors need to be managed by vehicle management agencies from the time they are purchased and operated until they are scrapped. Newly purchased vehicles are required to have licenses. After they have been licensed, they regularly participate in inspections during their operations. Vehicle drivers must also obtain driver's licenses. Regularly participate in inspections and so on. Newly-purchased agricultural vehicles or tractors are required to handle the vehicle number plate and driving license. The owner himself carries the ID card or the account book, and the origin of the vehicle, such as a car purchase invoice, a vehicle promotion permit and a certificate of conformity, and applies to the local vehicle management authority for initial inspection. Generally, the “Motor Vehicle Registration Application Form” must first be obtained. It should be filled in one by one according to the requirements in the table, and be signed in the owner’s signing column and returned. The vehicle management agency will inspect the vehicles according to the standards of the "Technical Conditions for the Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles" and issue a formal number plate and a driving license after passing the inspection. The vehicle number plate is the legal evidence that the vehicle is driving on the road. It must be installed according to the designated location and kept clear. The main contents of the vehicle inspection and registration are recorded on the driving license, which is carried by the owner and used as a voucher for the inspection of the vehicle. The driving license is used in conjunction with the vehicle number plate to confirm the ownership of the vehicle and the evidence of legal travel. The owner must not lend, misappropriate, alter or forge. Vehicle number plates and driving licenses are like vehicle's "hukou", which is the vehicle ownership and legal travel certificate. Licensing management by vehicle management agencies is also aimed at regulating the order of vehicle management and ensuring that the legitimate rights and interests of vehicle owners are not infringed; at the same time, when vehicles apply for licenses, initial inspections must be carried out to ensure that all parameters of the vehicles reach the requirements for safe operation and the vehicles and owners are guaranteed to drive. Safety. When a vehicle is lost or an accident occurs, the responsibility of the parties is determined by the registration information of the vehicle management authority. If the vehicle does not have a license plate, the driving of the vehicle itself is illegal, not to mention the various rights and interests are effectively protected. Some people, after purchasing a locomotive, are eager to get rich and are reluctant to spend money and spend time to apply for a vehicle license, and then go directly to the road. After an accident, their legitimate rights and interests are not protected and they just regret it. Therefore, after the owner has purchased the agricultural vehicle and the tractor, he must promptly go to the local vehicle management authority to handle the vehicle number plate and driving license. If the number plate of a vehicle is accidentally lost or damaged, it may be certified by the owner of the vehicle to apply for replacement or replacement from the original number plate authority. The vehicle management agency will use the “Application Form for Motor Vehicles and Drivers’ Compensation and Replacement Cards” completed by the owner to issue a temporary use of a paper number plate before the same number plate is issued. The replaced number plate has the same number and has the effect of a formal number plate. Loss or damage of the driving license may be verified by the owner of the vehicle and the application may be made up or renewed. After being reviewed by the vehicle management authority, a new license with the same number as the original driving license will be issued. When the driving license record is filled, it is also necessary to renew the new license with the old license. Whether it is a driving license or a vehicle number plate, it must be handled directly by the local vehicle management authority. The administrative duties of the vehicle management agency are territorial, and each management agency is only responsible for the local vehicles. If the vehicle number plate and the vehicle license loss occurs when the farmer’s friend’s vehicle is operated in the field, the original issuing authority’s certificate can be used. The vehicle management authority at the place of work applies for temporary use of the number plate or waiting certificate. Vehicle license plates and licenses, from the time the vehicle is bought back, begin to record the details of the owner and the status of the vehicle. If there is a vehicle transfer to another person or the vehicle needs to be reconstructed, it must also be registered with the local vehicle management authority. Vehicle transaction registration. When the transfer of agricultural vehicles and tractors, owners, addresses, or initial inspection items are to be changed, they must go through the “Modification, Transfer, Modification, Stop, Re-drive, and End-of-life Approval Application Form for Motor Vehicles”, and apply for a driving license. Change the contents and date of the endorsement change in the change record column and the "Motor Vehicle Registration Application Form" change registration column, and stamp the vehicle management authority. When agricultural vehicles and tractors are changed in cross-management jurisdictions, that is, when they change their nationality, they must fill in the “Notification of Motor Vehicles and Drivers' Transfer” and send them to the vehicle management agency of the new citizenship along with the vehicle files. The original number plate shall be withdrawn at the time of transfer and the temporary number plate shall be issued. The owner shall go through the formalities within the prescribed time limit to the vehicle management office of the newer place of origin. It is very important to register a vehicle for change. Some owners sell their agricultural vehicles or tractors, but they have not registered for a change. As a result, when an accident occurs in the vehicle, the original owner is found. When the agricultural vehicle or tractor changes, it must be registered with the vehicle management authority.

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