Fertilizer mixed use precautions and principles of use

Notes for mixed application The so-called mixed application of fertilizers is based on soil conditions, crop growth needs, and nutrient supply conditions. Two or more fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers, or fast-acting fertilizers, have different properties and do not have the same effects. Delayed fertilizer, or organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, micro-fertilizer and growth hormone, etc. mixed application. (1) Mixed application must have strong pertinence and must be suitable for the needs of crop nutrition and soil fertility; (2) After mixing, it should be able to achieve the effect of complement each other and improve the physical properties of fertilizer; (3) It must be beneficial to each other to increase efficiency. The fertilizer effect of any one of the fertilizers cannot be reduced, and the expectation of “one application and multiple effects” can be truly achieved. The following principles should be followed when the fertilizers are mixed and mixed, including between micro-fertilizers, micro-fertilizers and common chemical fertilizers: The main principles of mixed application (1) Do not mix zinc fertilizers with ammonia, which has strong alkalinity, and do not use them. Mix with superphosphate and other soluble phosphate fertilizers to avoid precipitation of zinc phosphate and reduce fertilizer effect. (2) When the trace elements and fertilizers are mixed and applied, the concentration and dosage should not exceed the specified amount, otherwise the seeds after soaking and seed dressing will not emerge, but leaves Surface spray will cause burns and other damage; (3) Trace element fertilizers are best not to be mixed with ash; (4) When using various trace fertilizers mixed with earth fertilizer, it is necessary to pay attention to gradual dilution, full and uniform, it is best to first A small amount of fine soil and then mix well with soil miscellaneous fertilizer; (5) When micro-fertilizer is applied to water, or mixed with manure, it should be mixed with a small amount of water, then re-injected into clean water, manure, and fully stirred. After the application, so as not to cause burning seedlings phenomenon.

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