Four teeth guarding food

Many people are familiar with such an affair - teeth is good appetite. In fact, the health of teeth also requires the nourishment of food. Four dental foods were recommended to everyone.

Cabbage is a dental cleaner. Cabbage contains a lot of crude fiber, especially cabbage help, when you chew, it is like a cleaner, to help you perform a large cleaning of the teeth. Because of the mechanical friction of the tooth surface by the fibers, the bacteria that adhere to the tooth surface can be removed well.

Pear can prevent yellowing of teeth. Pear is rich in water and contains a lot of fiber that can help flush stains on the surface of the teeth and prevent the teeth from turning yellow. Now it's just the season when Ya pear is ripe. You can eat one on a daily basis, both nutritionally and cosmetically.

Tea is a tooth protector. When we eat sweet foods, meat and other acidic foods, the teeth are virtually invaded. At this time, they most need the protection of alkaline foods. Alkali-rich tea can do just that. Timely neutralization of acid on teeth can prevent decalcification of teeth. Especially green tea, which contains fluorine can make teeth more robust.

Apple is a favorite of gums. Gingiva is the "soil" of tooth growth. The gums are healthy and healthy. Apple is known as "all-round fruit," and it contains many vitamins and minerals that are needed to prevent gum disease. In particular, vitamin C not only nourishes the gums, but also protects you from oral ulcers in the dry autumn.

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