Autumn and winter fertilizers

In recent years, wheat seed burning and seedling sprouting have frequently occurred in autumn and winter crops, and light crops have caused 20% to 30% of crop failure, and those with severe crops have to replant. The reason for this is that some farmers think that as long as they can produce more fertilizer, they will be able to increase their yields. Regardless of the abundance of nutrients in the plots, they will increase the use of chemical fertilizers as a base fertilizer, and at the same time they will use fertilizer as a seed fertilizer. In this way, after a large amount of fertilizer is applied to the soil, excess nutrients such as ammonia, chlorine, and potassium ions will be separated. These excess ions can directly damage wheat seed and seedlings, commonly known as chemical fertilizer poisoning. In order to make scientific use of chemical fertilizers and prevent the occurrence of chemical fertilizers burning seedlings in autumn and winter, it is necessary to effectively grasp the following essentials: Implement soil testing and formula fertilization. Understanding the abundance of nutrients in the soil is the key to rational fertilization, and it is usually tested every two to three years. According to the Soil and Fertilizer Institute of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in the absence of multiple nutrient elements in the soil, it is not appropriate to apply nitrogen fertilizers in a single application. For example, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and some micronutrients can be used after scientific formulation to increase grain yield per kilogram of fertilizer. More than 10 kg. It can also save fertilizer, reduce soil compaction, environmental pollution, and a series of adverse consequences of agricultural product quality decline. The correct choice of compound fertilizer. Compound fertilizer contains two or more nutrients. We must use qualified products produced by regular manufacturers. We must not purchase chemical fertilizers that have not been registered by the provincial or above-level agricultural departments to avoid being taken. Scientific application of fertilizer. Many years of production practice have proved that in middle and low-yielding wheat fields, the correct application of chemical fertilizers in the autumn seed dressing has the advantages of simple method, less fertilizer, significant fertilizer effect, and economical use of fertilizers, and is worthy of promotion due to local conditions. The usage of several kinds of fertilizers is now described as follows: (a) Wan Jiabao leaf surface fertilizer is soaked in dilute solution and seed dressing. Wanjiabao Foliar Fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer that has been successfully developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, such as drought resistance, disease prevention, long growth, and income increase. Diluted with water diluted 0.2% solution soaked wheat seeds for 10 hours - 12 hours to remove, place in the cool place to dry; can also be used according to the ratio of 30 grams of fertilizer plus 3 kg of diluted water mixed with 20 kg of wheat for dressing After mixing, you can sow. Wheat seeds can be processed by more than 13%. (II) Soaking of aqueous potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 20g plus 10 kg of clear water into a solution of 0.2% concentration, into 10 kg of wheat seeds, soak for 10 hours and then remove and dry to sow. (c) Zinc sulfate seed dressing. Zinc-deficient wheat fields can be added by adding 200 grams of zinc sulfate to 2 kg of clear water, and evenly mix in 50 kg of wheat. Mix well and sow. (d) Ammonium sulfate seed dressing. According to the proportion of 10 kg of wheat seed and 3 kg of fertilizer, the fertilizer is mixed into the wheat seeds so that the seed and the fertilizer are fully and evenly mixed and sowed immediately. (five) diammonium sulfate seed dressing. The amount of mu can be 15%-20% of the seed amount, and the seed dressing method is the same as ammonium sulfate. In order to improve the fertilizer efficiency of fertilizers and prevent the occurrence of fertilizer damage, several issues should be paid attention to during the operation: First, except for trace elements, foliar fertilizers, potassium dihydrogen sulfate, etc., which can be dilute by diluting with water and seed dressing, all other fertilizers are Do not add water to dissolve or spray, so as not to cause burning seedlings. The second is not to increase or decrease the amount. The third is that wheat seeds are used along with the seed dressing. The seed that was processed the same day must be used up on the same day. Fourth, when the sensation is bad, it is not appropriate to use chemical fertilizers for seed dressing.

Organic Resistant Dextrin Tapioca Syrup, is produced from Organic corn starch, through enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch. It has a low viscosity, is water soluble and very stable to heat, pH, and processing stresses. Soluble Corn fiber helps to meet demand for a lower sugar, higher fiber ingredient that can be used to create consumer packaged food products that have lower sugar content while providing a good source of dietary fiber.

1.Good processing stability.
The Resistant Dextrin has processing characteristics such as heat resistance, acid resistance, and freeze resistance, and the viscosity of the aqueous solution is very low, and the variation of the viscosity value with changes in the shear rate and temperature is small.

2. Good dissolution, sweet and odorless, does not affect the finished product flavor, can modify the bad flavor, has the function to improve the taste.

3.Low calories, suitable for weight loss people.

Resistant dextrins supply very low, long-lasting energy, increase satiety, delay hunger, and have some effect on weight control. Resistant dextrin has a high tolerated dose, a threshold of 45 grams per day, no symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, and no diarrhea at doses of 100 grams per day (Van den Heuvel et al., 2004; Vermorel et al., 2004; Lefranc-Millot Et al., 2006b; Pasman et al., 2006).

4.Adjust blood sugar.
The resistant dextrin is mainly suitable for diabetics to eat by mainly absorbing glucose and inhibiting the activity of amylase, delaying the degradation of starch and absorption of glucose, and inhibiting the increase of blood glucose after meals.

5.The benefits of prebiotics reduce the burden on the intestines and prevent intestinal diseases.

Organic Resistant Dextrin Tapioca Syrup

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