Winter Swine Tips

In winter, the outside climate is cold. If you do not strengthen management, pigs will slow down the growth rate or develop diseases, which will have a great impact on pig production. In the winter feeding and management, the following four points should be achieved. 1. The pig house should be completely repaired and maintained before the cold winter arrives, repairing damaged housing, walls and ceilings. In order to increase the effect of heat preservation, open-type pig houses should be built with plastic insulation sheds, and the windows and extra vents should be sealed. Cotton curtains and straw curtains should be hung at the entrance to prevent cold wind from entering. Second, to keep the house clean, dry, fresh air in winter In order to keep warm, it will reduce the ventilation intensity and lead to high indoor humidity and excess harmful gas. Excessively high indoor humidity and excessive harmful gases can cause respiratory diseases and other diseases in pigs. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently remove house excrement, maintain a good hygienic environment, reduce the humidity in the house, and reduce the harmful effects caused by the accumulation of faeces. Gas concentration. Under the premise of maintaining the temperature, the ventilation volume should be increased to keep the air in the house fresh and reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases induced by harmful gases. Thirdly, raising the temperature of the homes with too low temperatures will bring serious cold stress to the pigs. Cold stress will cause the health of the pigs to decline and induce some diseases, especially the impact on the pigs, and the cold environment. The diarrhea of ​​the piglets will be exacerbated and the mortality of the pigs will increase. There are many ways to increase temperature, such as using hot blast stoves, coal stoves, heating and other equipment to provide heat sources to increase the temperature, but also to increase the stocking density appropriately, and to increase the shepherding temperature by the distribution of the herd's own temperature (for fattening Pig) etc. Feeding High-Quality Diets to Improve Feeding Methods During the cold winter months, it is important to provide a complete diet for the pigs. Farmers can rationally select suitable premixes for pigs of all ages based on the weight of their pigs. Ice-chilled feed has a greater impact on the pigs during the winter season. Feed as much as possible with dry powder, or use warm and hot water condiments to feed, if possible, provide clean, warm water for pigs to drink freely. In winter, when the pigs are short and long nights, the pigs have a fasting time in the evening and they should be fed an overnight diet at night so that the pigs can eat enough nutritious and comprehensive diets to facilitate the increase of daily weight gain and shorten the feeding cycle.

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