Winter orchids around the note

In the winter, due to the large differences in climate throughout the country, the orchid-cultivators must actively prepare themselves to avoid problems with orchids. The first is to clean the orchids, disinfect and sterilize, and prevent orchids from occurring pests and diseases. In winter, the temperature dropped significantly, and the vegetative growth of orchids was ended. The larvae were transferred to the reproductive growth stage. The pests and diseases in the orchid rooms were also greatly reduced with the decrease in temperature. During this period, orchid farmers often overlook orchid pest control. In fact, the low temperature is only a temporary delay in the timing of the outbreak of pests and diseases. It has not eradicated the conditions for the breeding of diseases and insect pests. Once the temperature and humidity are appropriate, they will come back. The correct approach is: After the beginning of winter, before the temperature has yet to drop to 0°C, clear weather should be used to conduct a thorough sanitation cleaning of the blue room to remove all kinds of dirt and debris in the blue room and ensure that no dead corners are left. Orchid and blue strains undergo a complete sterilization to minimize or eliminate the occurrence of various pests and diseases, which will surely receive a multiplier effect. The second is to remove shading facilities, experience bluegrass, and accumulate energy for orchids to bloom in the coming year. Winter is the season when the blue orchid grows. The buds grow slowly and new shoots are born. Full illumination is especially important. In winter, the sun is soft. Whether it is a balcony to cultivate orchids, a garden to cultivate orchids, or a special orchid to raise orchids, the shading facilities should be promptly removed, and the orchids should be bathed in the sunshine with confidence so as to accumulate the energy needed for flowering in the coming year. Insufficient sunshine in winter in venues should also be supplemented with orchids through biological growth regulators, otherwise it will affect the flowering and sprouting of orchids. The third is that watering should not be less groundless, and long teaching pots and earth micro-fluid. In winter, the temperature is low, the water evaporation is slow, Langer's water absorption capacity is relatively weak, and watering should be less. At this time if too much watering, basin soil too wet, orchids easily rot, the ancients summed up the "Winter is not wet" Lanxun has its scientific nature, it is worth our reference. Winter orchid watering should be better when the temperature rises at noon, so that the water temperature is similar to the basin soil temperature, to avoid the difference between the two is too large, causing disease. Such as using traditional methods of raising orchids, should be along the basin watering, this can make the soil slowly moisturizing, is conducive to Lange's water absorption, pelvic floor with bricks pots, but also timely the following pots In order to facilitate the upsurge of water and gas, to maintain the micro-tide. The fourth is that the bud is warm and full of vermilion, and the full vernalization will not happen. Lanzhou in the natural world mostly grows in the environment from 0°C to 10°C in winter, and the buds develop slowly, accumulating energy for the next year when it blooms. In the course of long-term natural evolution, Lancome only experienced the cold vernalization in winter, and the buds could bloom in time. In winter, the outdoor temperature in most regions of China is generally not higher than 15°C, but the maximum temperature of sunny terraces and tropical blue-greens outside the temperate zone, cold temperate zone, and high-cold zone in China can reach about 20°C, and Lancang as usual. Grow. How to solve the contradiction between vegetative growth and reproductive growth of Lancome in winter has become a thorny issue. It is therefore necessary to cultivate blue people to proceed from reality and treat them differently. It is better to put the scape of Lancome on the north balcony in winter. Or through the temperature control measures to allow it to fully vernalize for more than one month, the temperature generally can not exceed 10 °C in the daytime, and the temperature in the morning and evening is not lower than 0 °C. Otherwise, Lancome often leaves buds without flowers. Even if it blooms, the quality of flowers will be greatly reduced. Fifth, Lancome is guarded against hot steam and sunny weather requires ventilation. All generations of raising blue orchids have advocated that nourishing blue air should be used as a top priority. It is very reasonable and winter is no exception. In winter, although the temperature in Yanglan is not high in the morning and evening, but sunny days, the temperature of closed blue rooms in Xiangyang can reach about 20°C. If the ventilation is not good, Lancome is steamed hot, and the leaves are prone to spotting. Once dyed, they often relapse in the coming year. Affects the growth of Lancome. Therefore, if the sunny weather in winter exceeds 10°C, it must be properly ventilated and ventilated, especially during the period from 11 noon to 3 pm to avoid the damage caused by the heat of Lancome. Sixth, the temperature difference is used skillfully to create an environment that promotes the growth of unplanted flowers. The southbound enclosed blue room is sunny in winter. The maximum temperature is about 20°C, the minimum temperature is about 5°C, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, which is very favorable to the storage of nutrients produced by photosynthesis during the day and reduce the respiration of nutrients. Consume to maximize the growth of orchids. For the Lancôme that does not bud, the Lancang should seize the opportunity to work hard to create a small environment and promote its healthy growth. Practice has proved that if the enclosed blue room in winter is constructed with a relative humidity of no less than 40%, proper ventilation can promote the healthy growth of autumn buds. If used properly, it is entirely possible to create a record of two strong grasses in a year in a closed blue room.

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