Spinach sowing skill management

After spinach sowing, the greenhouses are buckled. Generally, two waters are seedlings, and water is poured 10 days after emergence. After the two true leaves of spinach are unfolded, the number of leaves, leaf weight, and leaf area increase rapidly, and 3 to 4 leaves maintain the soil. Wet, 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per acre topdressing, shallow smashing once, between the dense seedlings, appropriate water control. In November, "Snow" was concerned about insulation before and after, at noon for air release. In order to be listed in advance, a small shed can be set up during the winter season. After late January, spinach begins to turn Green, and it is necessary to gradually release the wind. The temperature of the greenhouse is not more than 25°C, the temperature is high, the spinach plants are thin, the leaves curl, the quality is reduced, and the yield is reduced. And pay attention to pouring back to Qingshui, with the water top 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, after every 7 to 10 days pouring a water, and then topdressing once.

Chongqing has a history of more than 1000 years of planting oranges. There are many kinds of navel oranges, such as Newhall ,Qinqiu, Mingrijian, Changyexiang. etc. which taste Aromatic, Sweet, tender and juicy. Vitamin C contains over 60 mg/100ml.Maturity time is during Nov. and next Jun. In Chongqing we enjoy the unique advantages on four main indexes influencing the quality of Navel Orange – annual average temperature, effective accumulated temperature, extreme low temperature and soil condition. It is one of the world`s best place for navel orange planting. Our company has many experienced experts and well-trained technicians and staff to work on the planting base. The way we cultivate them is strictly confirmed with the standards and rules that green food requires. 

Navel Orange


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