BB fertilizer special equipment

NH-BB-I automatic batching machine equipment description Unit production capacity: 10-18 tons / hour.
Area: 25-30 square meters.
Power consumption ≤ 8 kWh.
Detailed description: The whole equipment is divided into two parts: the first part is the dosing unit and the second part is the mixing and packaging unit. Taking four kinds of materials as an example, one layer of the platform is 4 meters away from the ground. Four silo platforms are installed on the platform to correspond to four blanking units, and four blanking units correspond to four metering units (the above is the first part). 4 measuring units correspond to 2 mixing cylinders, 2 mixing cylinders work alternately, 2 mixing cylinders are under one packing unit, and the following is a sewing machine (the above is the second part) with soft connection between the two parts.
Auxiliary equipment: 2 sets of conveyors of 12 meters, 1 set of sewing machines and 1 set of air pump.
Required workers: 8-11 people; power supply: ~380V, 50HZ; measurement accuracy: 0.2%, secondary.
Advantages of using this device: small footprint, low energy consumption, uniform and accurate, to ensure that the bag and bag content consistent. The biggest advantage is that other equipment or processes need to add 0.5-1.0 percentages in the production process. The use of this equipment in the production process without additional percentage, so that in the production can save 0.5-1.0 percentages, each Tons can save costs by 20-50 yuan. Take 10,000 tons as an example. In one year, it can save 200-50 thousand yuan. Why use other equipment must add 0.5-1.0 percentages, because other equipments are large quantities? , Large mix, although the measurement is very accurate, mix well, so that in the process of packing bags up and down, it will inevitably cause the phenomenon of segregation of the material, the size of the particles separated, the proportion of major and light weight of the separation, in order to achieve the country Sampling standards, the general experience is to add 0.5-1.0 percentages in the ingredients, so as to meet the national sampling standards, due to the segregation phenomenon, will inevitably result in a bag of potassium may exceed the standard, and another bag of potassium The content may not be enough, use this equipment to completely rule out the above phenomenon, because the equipment in the ingredients, in accordance with a ratio of a bag (40 or 50 kg) a batch, a bag of a mix, a In a package, the same process is repeated for each bag except that large equipment (20-30 tons/hour) is equipped with two or three bags at the same time and two or three bags are packaged at the same time. However, no matter how large the output, the equipment is also A bag of ingredients, a bag of a mix, a bag of packaging units for production, nothing more than 10-18 tons / hour divided into two units, 20-30 tons / hour divided into four units. This ensures that the bag is completely consistent with the bag and meets customer needs.
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