Sow perinatal disease control measures

The obstetric diseases of sows mainly manifested in the high fever from the first half of the first half of the month to 7-10 days after the delivery, and the body temperature was between 40.5°C and 41°C. They did not eat or eat less, they were depressed, the stools were dry, the urine was yellow, and the lying ground could not afford it. Dystocia, no more or less placenta, postpartum milk and no milk, serious mastitis and endometritis caused by lochia, resulting in long-term estrus or repeated infertility. Newborn piglets are also prone to low congenital immunity, increased weak seedlings, and increased secondary deadly infection caused by secondary infections.
At present, the occurrence of these diseases in pig farms is relatively common, which brings certain difficulties to the production and management of the farms and seriously affects the economic efficiency and development of the farms. The causes of these diseases are more complex. Most people believe that they are caused by bacterial infections. At the same time, reproductive disorders, such as PRRS, pseudorabies, circovirus, and parvoviruses, are also more serious. Besides, sows The cryptogenic infection of eperythrozoonosis is also common. Therefore, pig farms should strengthen the diagnosis of such diseases and do comprehensive prevention and health measures.
Summarize the following prevention and control measures through clinical practice.
First, prevention:
1. Use an expedition Gao Ligao or Sulfo Gold with Sodium Selenite VE to feed 7 days before sow mating, 7 days before breeding, or inject cefazefosone 24 hours before sow mating. It can effectively prevent the genital tract infection caused by bacteria, promote the ovulation of sows, improve the ovulation quality, and increase the fertility rate of sows.
2. During the pregnancy of the sow, the feed formulation should be adjusted according to the nutritional requirements, and the pregnant sow should be replaced to provide enough nutrition to promote the growth of the fetus and improve the sow's physical fitness.
3, sows in the prenatal 7-10 days in the feed to add Gao Ligao or Shulin, reduce the chance of prenatal infection sows, prevent postpartum infection, improve the survival rate of piglets.
4. The injection of expeditionary new Omega 0.1 ml/kg body weight at 24 hours before and after the birth of sows can effectively reduce the incidence of obstetric diseases such as sow endometritis and agalactia syndrome. At the same time, neonatal piglets injected with 0.5 ml, 0.5 ml, and 1 ml of new Omega respectively on the first day, the seventh day, the fourteenth day or the twenty-first day of postpartum can effectively reduce the occurrence of yellow and white ringworm and respiratory diseases and improve the survival rate of piglets. , to lay a good foundation for the fattening period.
Second, treatment:
1. Prenatal high fever, anorexia, fecal dryness embolism: use Antarctic ice needles to dilute the intramuscular injection of amoxisup or sucalin, once a day, if mixed with Erythrocyte body infection can be used with multi-energy, use It can be cured in 3-5 days.
2, sows postpartum high fever anorexia infection embolism: Antarctic ice needle dilution Amoshu or shutalin intramuscular injection with super Linmei once a day, severe cases can be cardiac, fluid and other symptomatic treatment. With the development of the aquaculture industry in recent years, the scale of breeding has grown, the introduction of varieties has increased the number of new diseases, and the occurrence of diseases has become irregular. At the same time, due to the small number of disease-preventing measures the farmers have made, the treatment is mainly , Diseased and disorderly investment in medicine, resulting in increased drug resistance, pathogen diversity, some diseases in the pig farm for a long time there is difficult to eradicate. The majority of farmers' friends will strengthen comprehensive prevention of diseases, raise the level of feeding and management, formulate reasonable health prevention plans for pig farms, raise the ability to resist risks, and increase the efficiency of breeding.

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