Peanut Cake Processing Technology

1. Product features: Sweet and delicious, crisp and delicate, inlet slag, no odor, no peanut kernel particles, no impurities. The meticulous product process is a fine product in peanut products.

2. Ingredients: 29 kg of peanuts, 25 kg of Sichuan sugar and 150 g of vanilla powder.

3, process flow: milling → mixing → molding → packing → packaging → finished product.

4, making points:

Fry peanuts: stir fry peanuts, fry ivory and sieve, cool, peel, and select.

Milling: Mix the cooked peanuts with sugar and pulverize them with a flour.

Mixing: Place the ground flour into the vanilla powder and mix well.

Molding: Molding with a 431 cm five-hole die. The well-mixed powder is compacted and pressed flat in the mold, gently shaken and then poured out for packaging and sales.

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