Several points of feeding and management of dairy cows in midsummer

1, less feed concentrate. Dairy cows are given a small amount of concentrate feed 4-5 days after childbirth. After the calving of the cow, the breast often has edema. In this case, only a small amount of concentrate can be fed.

2, juicy feed. As the breasts become swollen and soft, the amount of succulent feed is gradually increased until it reaches the standard dosage (usually 7-15 days). The lactation peak of dairy cows in the second lactation month, in order to give full play to their lactation capacity, they can give more nutritious feed as much as possible during the rising period of milk until the amount of milk no longer increases (approximately 10-15 days). This part gives more feed.

3, adequate drinking water. Allow cows to drink freely. Normal cows need to drink 50-70 kilograms a day, and high-yield cows need more than 100 kilograms.

4, supply salt. Generally, 5 grams is supplied at 100 kg body weight. In addition, 2 grams of salt is added for every 1 kilogram of milk produced. You can also feed 2% of the mixed concentrate feed into the feed.

5, feed diversification. Feeds for dairy cows are first diversified as much as possible, and they need to be quantified regularly; secondly, it is necessary to gradually change the type and quantity of feeds. At the same time, we must also observe the feed intake of cattle.

6, strengthen management. Within 3-4 days after calving, the breast milk should not be squeezed to avoid postpartum paralysis. On the first day, they were squeezed several times, each time squeezing 1-1.5 kilograms. On the second day, they were squeezed for 1/2 of the total daily volume. On the third day, they were squeezed for 3/4 of the total amount, and they were all squeezed out on the fourth day. For cows to be gentle, do not burp at will, to avoid disturbing; pay attention to the protection of the breast, often observe and find abnormal changes in time to take measures; each brushing cow body before milking can not only promote blood circulation, so that humans and livestock , And can guarantee the quality of milk; Keep cattle bed clean and dry, in summer and autumn to cattle repair one hoof, so as to avoid deformation of cattle hooves; keep the cow house cool, avoid cows heat stroke.


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