Swine heatstroke cooling coup

Shaded farms should be built in ventilated and open areas, with a north-south orientation. Before the high-temperature season arrives, a simple pergola can be constructed using fireweed and branches on the sunny side of the pig house to prevent direct sunlight.

Planting green trees Properly planting some trees and flowers around the pig house can not only beautify and greenen the environment, but also block the sunlight and absorb the heat through the photosynthesis of plants to reduce the air temperature.

Ventilation The pig house door is converted into a ventilation door in summer to increase ventilation and eliminate harmful gases. Conditions can be mechanical ventilation, install a fan or blower, to ensure that each pig can be blown to the wind, to ensure that the pigs 24 hours of air circulation.

When the spray water temperature is too high, the water can be sprayed on the roof of the pig body (except the branch house) and the water on a regular basis; generally when the ambient temperature of the pig house is above 30° C., the spray water is cooled once per hour. For the monomer limit bar and farrowing sow, the drip cooling system can be used to reduce the temperature. The drip device is installed above the shoulder of the pig, and the low flow rate drip cooling is applied on the skin of the neck, shoulder and back of the pig at intervals of 30 to 60 minutes; for growth and fattening Pigs can be sprayed directly on the pig body with deep well water to cool down, but be careful not to spray the head of the pig; The free-range households can build a shallow pool in the corner of the pig house so that the pig can freely soak in the pool.

Wet curtain cooling and wet curtain cooling is an ideal cooling method that has been in use in recent years. When the wet curtain thickness is 10 to 20 cm and the curtain wind speed is 1.0 to 1.2 m/s, the wet curtain cooling efficiency can reach 80% to 87. %, the temperature decreases by 5~10°C; the drier the air, the higher the temperature, the greater the air cooling rate through the wet curtain, the more obvious the effect.

Air Conditioning Cooling Air conditioning in the pig house not only reduces the temperature, but also controls the air humidity in the house. It is the best measure for preventing heatstroke and cooling at present, but the cost is high.

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