Autumn cabbage August clever management

1: When the autumn cabbage pulls the cross, the seedlings are started, and 3 can be kept each time; when the seedlings grow to 4 to 5, the second seedlings are made, 2 are left in each hole, and the seedlings are planted in groups, leaving 1 seed per hole. , Keep large seedlings, strong seedlings, Qi Miao, uniform seedlings, between the time, Dingmiao should master the following five principles, namely to stay small to stay large, to stay to stay positive, to stay pure, to stay good, to stay weak.

2: To achieve three shovels, three shovels, fine shovel spade, deep shovel deep hoe, spade and shovel combination, eliminate weeds, loose soil, cold and warm, drought protection, promote good root development, promote seedling early growth, The principle of scooping is shallow, deep and shallow, ie shallow at the beginning, deep in the middle, shallow at the end of the dish, and does not hurt the roots and keep roots.

3: After the first seedlings, the first topdressing, that is to mention the seedling fertilizer; after entering the rosette period, in order to promote the growth of rosette leaves, lay the foundation for the large-scale production of nutrients during the ball stage, that is, to chase the manure, and apply a certain amount per hectare. Fermented human urine, superphosphate, grass ash, or potassium phosphosulfate; large fertilizer before the ball, that is, nodulizer, green food and organic food vegetables can not chase chemical fertilizer, organic fine fertilizer, cake fertilizer or microbial fertilizer should be traced.

4: Do a good job of prevention and control of pests and diseases, mainly control pests and diseases, that is, mildew rot mildew and mantle, to choose the right road, high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue pesticides, and spraying a new high-fat film 400 times liquid spraying Vegetable seedlings can play a role in preventing diseases, preventing insects, blocking and contaminating, separating pesticide residues, increasing the degree of coloration, improving grades, and producing pollution-free commercial food. The prevention is the main method, followed by governance, comprehensive prevention and treatment, early treatment, minor treatment, and treatment, and strive to avoid loss, or to minimize the loss, it is best to take biological measures, agricultural measures and other comprehensive prevention. (China Plant Protection Network: Wei Linfei)

Parallel Milking Parlor/Afimilk auto parallel Milking Parlor

Afimilk auto parallel milking parlor is one of the most widely used devices. Using automatic upgrade scaffolding systems, short working line, milker milking efficiency is maximized, as oxtail high density, relatively narrow milking parlor construction area, a significant reduction in construction costs and space. Device according to user needs can be equipped with the world`s most advanced Afikim pasture management software has becomed the most practical high-end devices.

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milking parlor

Parallel Milking Parlor

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