Winter agricultural machinery maintenance

In the winter season, many agricultural implements in the countryside are idle. For the coming year, it is very important to store and maintain these farm implements.

1, anti-iron parts rust. Most of the agricultural machinery currently in use is made of iron. If it is not well kept, it will easily rust. Once the iron part is rusted and peeled off, it will shorten its service life. Therefore, iron parts should be removed in the winter, cleaned, painted with anti-rust paint, stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse.

2, anti-corrosion wood production. Some agricultural machinery parts are made of wood and are susceptible to mildew. Therefore, it should be washed, dried, and coated with tung oil before storage, and then placed in a ventilated and dry place.

3, anti-aging rubber parts. If the rubber parts of the agricultural implements are damp or stained with oil, they can easily age and crack and shorten their service life. Therefore, the tractor, cultivator, and the V-belt or flat tape on the pump should be removed, hung on the wall or placed in a dry and ventilated place. During parking of the tractor during storage, jacks or bricks shall be used to lift the front and rear axles of the locomotive to lift the tires off the ground and not to bear the load, but to maintain proper air pressure.

4, anti-motor damp. The motor for agricultural machinery is not used for a long time and should be placed in a dry, ventilated, clean warehouse. If the motor is placed together with pesticides and fertilizers, or placed in wet mud or rain-drenched areas, the motor will be exposed to moisture, internal insulation performance will be reduced, and short circuits, grounding, leakage, and even burn-out coils will be easily caused. .


Variety type:  early maturity water spinach variety
seeds type: Green Water Spinach Seeds
Maturity: 55 to 60days after planting
Leaf color:  Bright green
Best grow temperature: 25 to 30 Â°C

3500 to 4000kgs/667m2

Plant height :  About 37cm
Indoor or outdoor: Outdoor and greenhouse
Resistant: High temperature and raining

Straight plant, thick and light green stem, good flavor and wide adaptability.


Cultivation point:

Best grow temperature Line space 
Plant space Sowing dosage
 25 to 30 °C 
16cm 15cm 13 to 15kgs/667m2

Green Water Spinach Seeds quality: 



Germination percentage







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Water Spinach Seeds

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