Chickens have "Three Precepts"

One of the first grain feed chickens Some chicken farmers are accustomed to feeding chickens with raw grains such as corn or rice. This will not only reduce feed utilization but also be harmful to chickens. The correct method of feeding is to crush raw grains such as corn, and formulate them with other ingredients, such as bran, bean cake, fish meal, bone meal, stone meal, etc., and then feed the chicken.

Two ring anal mottled eggs Some chicken farmers used to hand into the chicken dirty door touch eggs, this is very bad, because the fingers are not hygienic, easy to bring bacteria into the chicken body, causing local inflammation, redness, rupture, defecation, etc. disease.

Suddenly changing the feed at the Three Precepts At present, most chicken farms generally use full-price compound feeds to feed chickens. However, some people may immediately switch to new feeds as soon as they hear that a certain kind of feed is good. As a result, the egg production rate has not only not increased, but has continued to increase. decline. The reason is that chickens have a habit of feeding on feeds. If they are suddenly replaced, they will inevitably have a strong stress response, affecting the appetite and egg production of chickens.

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