Insulation anti-pressure carcass type is small, cold resistance is poor, it is particularly important to strengthen insulation, can use high temperature brooding methods. The first week of 35 °C ~ 36 °C, the second week of 34 °C ~ 35 °C, after the weekly decline of 1 °C ~ 2 °C, 10 weeks of age to maintain temperature 24 °C. They are timid and frightened, and in the event of a sudden noise or low temperature, they tend to squeeze each other to compress the heap. Therefore, they must be checked frequently to avoid crushing injuries.

Temperature is too high humidity, prone to fungal infection, low humidity, susceptibility to respiratory diseases, need reasonable control, generally the first week to maintain relative humidity of 65% to 70%, after a week to maintain 55% to 60%.

Ventilation and ventilation Under normal conditions, ventilation should be started from the 4th day. Ammonia and carbon dioxide should be discharged in a timely manner to keep the air in the house fresh. However, the contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation must be solved to avoid excessive temperature drop.

The density is reasonable and the density is too high to cause congestion, difficulty in feeding, and insufficient drinking water; the density is too small to waste equipment. The general stocking density is: 70 to 80/m2 for 1 to 10 days and 30/m2 for 6 to 10 days.

Drink water in a timely manner within 24 hours after shelling, and start drinking 1.3000 potassium permanganate water, then drinking oxytetracycline water for 5 days and then drinking enrofloxacin water for 5 days. To drink water for the first time, you can first grab a strong cricket and dip the pupa into water. The others follow it.

Immediately after the start of eating, learn to drink water and then start eating. First mix the feed with water and sprinkle it on a plastic sheet or thick paper to allow it to find food. After 3 days, use a food tank instead. Opened diet can be prepared cornmeal and egg yolk, according to 1 kilogram cornmeal plus 3 egg yolks, mix well and put it in the pot, remove and dry to add double amount of multivitamin, one week later feed the full price feed, can refer to the following formula (%): corn 48, wheat flour 3, bean cake 34, imported fish meal 12, bone meal 1, shell powder 1.1, table salt 0.4, additive 0.5.

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