Greenhouse vegetables promote aerosol application

The advantages of using aerosols to improve the control effect: the application of aerosol agents in closed greenhouses is not only affected by wind and rain, cloudy sunny gas, and its strong smoke penetration, uniform application of no dead ends, long-lasting efficacy, cure the disease, Insect treatment thoroughly. According to the test, the control effect is up to 90%, and the control efficiency is about 20% higher than sprayer spraying. Reducing humidity in greenhouses: The use of aerosols eliminates the need for water, thereby reducing the humidity in the greenhouse, improving the microclimate, and facilitating the growth of vegetables. Save labor, save time, and save energy: The use of aerosols eliminates the need for manual spraying, which can reduce labor intensity, and it can be discharged in the evening. It does not affect the greenhouse farming activities during the day, thereby improving work efficiency and saving time. The residue of pesticides is short and the time is short, which is conducive to the production of pollution-free vegetables. The cost is low, and the benefit is good: the cost per acre of sprayed aerosol agent can be reduced by about 2 yuan per mu per spray, and the control efficiency is improved, the humidity is lowered, the occurrence probability of the disease is reduced, and the growth of vegetables is promoted. The comprehensive efficiency is good.

Technical points Application methods: The greenhouses are placed at multiple points and the distribution is even. When firing, they must be ignited one by one from the inside to the door, and immediately close the greenhouse after the smoke. Application time: First, it is best to use aerosols before the release of the evening to facilitate the smog particles sinking and improve the control effect. Second, during the growing period of vegetables, it is necessary to strengthen the investigation of the occurrence of pests and diseases and to prevent and control them in a timely manner. The general prevention and treatment of diseases should be used before or at the beginning of the disease. The interval should be 7 to 10 days and once every 3 to 4 times; the pests should be controlled at the initial stage. Use early control. Symptomatic application of drugs: Before the application of drugs, to identify the disease, insect occurrence, symptomatic medication. For the prevention and control of diseases such as downy mildew, disease, and gray mold, 10% chlorothalonil smoke or 15% carbendazim smoke can be used, 200 to 250 grams per mu; 15% Kefalin can be used to control powdery mildew Agents, 250 to 300 grams per acre medication; prevention and control of aphids can use 22% dichlorvos smoke or extermination smoke, 300 ~ 350 grams per acre medication. Alternating and rotating medications: When pests and diseases are to be controlled, two or three kinds of smoke agents should be selected for the control object to be alternated and rotated for use, so as to avoid using the same type of smoke agent continuously for a single multiple times. Pay attention to safety: Spraying aerosols should avoid crops and flammable products. After ignition, they must exit the greenhouse in a timely manner, close the seal, and be ventilated before entering the greenhouse for daily activities.

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