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Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry and Sheep Breeding and Distribution Base Long-term supply of Luxi Little Tail Han sheep, South African Boer goats, Charolais sheep and Dorper sheep. These varieties are adaptable, resistant to disease and cold, fast growing, resistant to extensive, high efficiency, loved by the aquaculture industry throughout the country. In the past few years since our company was established, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 800 domestic large-scale aquaculture households and have driven a large number of farmers to become prosperous and wealthy. We have received unanimous praise from the leaders at all levels in cities, counties, and counties. The company has a new breed of small tail Han sheep, Boer goats, Luxi improved cattle, Simmental cattle, Charolais cattle, Limousin cattle breeding technology concept, has a large number of high and intermediate animal husbandry professional and technical personnel, perennial tracking service , For the farmers to solve the breeding technology, epidemic prevention and other aspects of the worries.
Solemn promises to customers: If you buy cows and goats, free shipping is free, and you will be responsible for the loss of casualties in transit. We will handle all quarantine and other formalities for you free of charge. The government will purchase them in a unified manner and the price will be more favorable. Free selection; give all the services of breeding technical data, CDs, and animal husbandry grass species will make you more at ease and more satisfied!
We will serve the broad masses of old and new customers with zealous service, high quality varieties, and high reputation. We are willing to work together with the farmers and herdsmen in the country to develop together. The first inspection after the introduction - satisfaction and then payment - selected breeder breeding please come to the development of animal husbandry.
Visitors are guests, visits are also welcome! All the staff of our company sincerely serve you. Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry Breeding and Allocation Base Manager: Gao Lanxiang Contact Phone Mobile E-mail

Electric Under Blanket is a specific type of Electric Blanket, usually used in European countries. It is placed below the bottom bed sheet, but cannot be above the bed sheet or over human body.

It normally has 3 to 4 heat settings as option. Consumers can choose their suitable temperature ranges.

Electric under blanket is normally used for sleeping, hence it normally shut off after 12 hours, or be turned off manually.

Below image as reference:

electric under blanket

Electric Under Blanket

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