Make-up must learn tips to make women more attractive

Every woman wants to learn makeup and makeup is not difficult. The key is to learn to use makeup tips. In the makeup process, it is often these makeup tips that can make us do more with less when making makeup, such as eye shadow color selection, smear blush techniques and so on. Today, Xiao Bian reveals a few big make-up tips for you so that you can easily “make up” yourself.

Can not underestimate the magical power of the brown eye shadow eye shadow throughout the eyelid, so that the eyes look more powerful, or use it to make the liner underneath, gray-brown and black, brown, gray eyeliner with a special match. Add a bit of shiny beige to the inner corner of the eye. This makeup will make you bright and beautiful from morning to night.

Apple muscles rubbed blush easily

If you apply blush to the apple muscles, you can immediately increase the brightness of the skin, leaving room for other parts of the make-up, of course, if you decide to only paint blush is also very good. Using a brush to pick up some pink brushes on the cheek muscles, it looks very different.

Perfect lips with a lip liner Are you planning to paint for only a few hours for a nice lip makeup? It's a waste of time! In fact, you can choose the lip liner with the same lipstick color, along the edge of the lip from the two sides to outline the lip line (in 20 seconds), carefully fill the color along the lip line (10 seconds), twist the outlet red overall color (in time 15 seconds), this does not even take 60 seconds. The perfect lip makeup is presented immediately.

Choosing the location of bronze powder Bronze can bring a little relaxation to your stressful life. Just a little bit can make you look natural and relaxed, just like returning from an island holiday. But if you put your hair up, it takes more than 5 seconds to apply it to the earlobe, which looks more natural. It can also be applied to the contour of the face with a proper amount of bronze, and it can also play a role in repairing it.

Use Lip Gloss to maintain your lip color Apply lip gloss when you need it to keep your lips with luster and brilliance anytime, anywhere. The most intimate thing about lip gloss is that you don't have to worry about it leaving a lip mark on the glass cup.

Look for eyeshadow with eye color. If you have a good eye shadow and eyeliner, you can highlight the color of the eyes, and the natural beauty will be distributed from the inside out. If the eyeball is black MM, you can pick brown eye shadow; if it is brown or light brown eyeball MM, especially suitable for halo brown and gold eye shadow. Another blue pupil can be equipped with dark brown eyeshadow; green beauty eye with purple eyeshadow.

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