Crab cooked steamed and boiled for 20 minutes

Crab cold old children want to eat less

"Crab meat is delicate, delicious, high protein content, and easy to digest, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin A content is also higher, has a higher nutritional value." National secondary nutritionist Li Guangping said, China's traditional Chinese medicine It is believed that most shellfish, shrimps and crabs are cold in nature, and they are more likely to injure spleen and stomach function, and gradually fall into the cold after autumn, and are not suitable for large amounts of food.

National level 2 public nutritionist Zhang Ling said that cardiovascular patients and people with dyslipidemia, such as arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, etc., are not suitable for eating crabs, because crabs contain high cholesterol, and the cholesterol content per 100g of crab meat is generally 235mg, crab meat is generally 460mg, and high cholesterol patients daily intake of cholesterol should not exceed 200mg. In addition, Zhang Ling pointed out that the elderly and children must eat less because of their limited ability to digest. The colds and fevers of patients with cold and fever should be mainly light and not suitable for eating crabs.

Steam cooked and boiled for 20 minutes

For the purchase of crabs, Zhang Ling said that there are people saying that "the lunar calendar eats female crabs in August and eats male crabs in September." How do you distinguish female and male crabs? In general, crabs are males with a triangular belly and females with a round shape. Members of the public should choose live crabs when they purchase them. Dead crabs should not be eaten. After the crabs die, the bacteria in their bodies will rapidly multiply to produce toxins and spread to the crab meat. Consumption can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. The shell of fresh live crabs is blue-black with a shiny, umbilical plump and abdomen white; the dying crabs are yellow and the crab legs are soft, and it is difficult to straighten.

Zhang Ling also said that crabs must be washed before eating, because crabs feed on animal carcasses, and there are many kinds of bacteria and sludge on the body surface, tendon and gastrointestinal tract. When steaming crabs, it must be steamed and boiled. Generally, it is advisable to boil water for 20-30 minutes after cooking.

Crab beer is not a good partner

Li Guangping suggested that it is best not to drink beer when eating crabs, especially for gout patients. The purine content of seafood itself is high, and a large amount of beer also contains high purines. Together with alcohol itself, uric acid production is promoted. If there is consumption of gout at the same time risks of. People with cold physique, the elderly and children must eat less, especially children, said Li Guangping. Many people are allergic to crabs and other seafood, and children are more prone to allergic reactions. Therefore, children can eat small amounts first, and if they do not have allergic reactions, they can continue to eat. .

Zhang Ling said that crabs should not try to eat cold foods such as iced beer and iced drinks to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. When you eat crabs, you can use some foods that have warm stomach and digestive functions, such as ginger, mustard, rice wine, hot porridge, hot soup, etc. Especially hot porridge can promote the excretion of uric acid, which can reduce the risk of gout.

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