What is better for early pregnancy to eat?

Just pregnant, pregnant mothers and expectant fathers are more than happy in the tension, I heard that the early pregnancy is the most likely to lose the baby. What should a pregnant mother do to keep her baby safe in the stomach? Xiao Bian has collected several recipes for fetal births so that pregnant mothers can feel comfortable in early pregnancy.

Fetal salmon soup with ginger soup

Nutritional analysis: This soup can prevent feces, stop vomiting and wake up the stomach. For pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, vomiting, fetal movement, has a good effect; at the same time, it can increase the appetite of pregnant mothers.

Production Method:

1 Carp to scales, viscera, wash; Spring Amomum washed, drained, powdered, put into fish maw; ginger, peeled, washed, shredded, set aside.

2 Wash the stew pot, put the fish into it, then add ginger, cover with a lid, stew for 2 hours, add lard, salt, MSG seasoning, a little stew for a while, you can eat.

Mulberry eggs

Nutritional analysis: There is nourishing the nerves, nourishing yin, dryness, anti-emetic effect.

Production Method:

1 Put the egg and Mushroom into the pot and add appropriate amount of water to cook.

2 After the eggs are cooked, remove the eggs, peel off the shell, put the eggs into the pot and cook for a while and eat the eggs.

Ginger meat

Nutritional analysis: This dish has the effect of appetizing spleen and antiemetic.

Production Method:

1 Wash the onion and cut it to the end; use the lean meat (the peeled lean meat) cut into 6 cm long, matchstick thick filaments; ginger (fresh ginger), wash, peel, cut filaments After the cold water bubble, pull out the spicy, control the moisture.

2 Scramble with a scrambled scoop, put in a net oil, heat the pork, put in the pork, put the diced green onion, stir fry until it's white, cook the wine, soy sauce, add MSG, salt, season it, and stir it under the ginger to taste. Flat plate.

Lotus glutinous rice porridge

Nutritional analysis: Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Qing Xin Yang Shen, spleen and stomach, raising a child. Mothers have a certain effect on the waist pain of pregnant mothers. If you eat regularly, you can raise your baby, which is especially good for pregnant mothers with a history of habitual abortion.

Production Method:

1 warm water to soak lotus seeds, peeled, core, clean water; glutinous rice panning clean, fresh water soak 1 ~ 2 hours, remove and drain, set aside.

2 brush net boil, add lotus seeds, rice, water amount, set fire, boiled porridge, sugar seasoning, you can eat.

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