As long as the husbandry and management are skillful, the goats in the summer will increase

Going into the summer, goats tend to fall out. The reason is mainly due to the fact that the climate is caused by high temperature and high humidity, so that the intake of feed is reduced, and the daily intake of nutrients is not enough. To change this situation, we must take measures from four aspects:

First, increase nutrition. (1) Feeding quality forage. Use grasses with good palatability, high nutritional value, such as green bean stalks and alfalfa. Especially the newly weaned lambs and pregnant ewes need to pay attention to this point. (2) supplement feeding material. In adult sheep, 200 grams of supplemental concentrate is provided each day; the newly weaned lamb is replenished with about 100 grams of concentrate every day. Each hundred grams of fine material, cakes should account for 25%, if you add cotton cakes or cakes, need to go through detoxification treatment, methods: water soak for 24 hours, then rinse with water. (3) feeding salt. Add 0.2 grams per kilogram of body weight to maintain acid-base balance in the body. (4) Increase drinking water. During the hot season, water should be kept in the basin for free drinking.

Second, do a good job in summer grazing. The summer weather is hot and the sheep love to gather and eat enough. In the grazing method, early morning return early in the morning, late evening return in the afternoon, and rest at noon. Grazing in the morning may be later. Due to parasitic parasites in Dew-Grass, it is easy for sheep to infect parasites after eating. At the same time, sheep eat dewy grass prone to bloating. Usually Tian Gangliang is grazing, and the animal will be harvested before 10 o'clock in the morning. Goats will be grazing around 2:30 pm and will be collected at 7 pm. From 11 noon to 2:30 pm, take a rest and rest in a circle. On sunny and hot days, dry and ventilated areas should be selected or grazing in the shade of the woods. Grazing on flat ground during rainy days. Let the sheep eat 4 to 5 full meals a day. Before and after the evening, choose a grassy and tender land, adopt a starry grazing method, and repeatedly drive the sheep to allow the sheep to eat several times and look back at the grass. Give sheep water every day before going grazing and drink 4 to 6 times a day. If you want to drink clean long-flowing water or well water, do not let the sheep squat in the damp loach to prevent rheumatism. Graze in the rain on a rainy day to prevent the face from being hit by rain. Since the summer solstice, light rains have insisted on grazing, and they should try to avoid heavy rain and heavy rain. When the thunder and lightning strikes, do not go to the steep slope to grazing, so as to avoid the sheep being frightened and hurt.

Third, pay close attention to do a good insecticide bath. After the end of summer, the ewe’s lambs are generally produced. The new insecticide Afudin (Buster Buster) can be used to repel internal and external parasites, such as fleas, cockroaches, cockroaches (grass creepers), and fly maggots. Dosage: 50 kg body weight using a Fordin 1 sachet (5 g), feed can be mixed and fed. Repeated dosing was repeated 7 to 10 days later, and no medicated bath was performed after the insects were repelled twice. Lambs born in the spring can be dewormed in the fall. If you need to deworm, you must strictly control the dose. Where schistosomiasis is endemic, drugs such as nitrochlorophenol can be used twice in spring and autumn.

Fourth, dry sheep. In the hot summer days, the sheep can easily get angry. Drying sheep is a very important management task. Drying the sheep is bringing the sheep to rest in a cool place outside the circle, allowing the sheep to dissipate heat and keep the sheep healthy. Immediately after the harvest, the sheep are rushed into the circle. Because the sheep runs off the road, the sheep feels hot and the stomach is prone to illness. Do not rush into the circle after the sheep are captured at noon at home. Let the sheep be cool in the shade. After harvesting at night, rush the flock to the yard until the middle of the night cools and then hurry into the circle, and let the sheep stay overnight in the open. In the morning before going pasturing, the sheep should be driven out of the ring to dry the sheep for 1-2 hours before going out. Starting from the beginning of the summer, digging sheep pits in sheep pens, paving the sheep pits with wooden planks, and putting dry soil inside the circle to keep the inside of the circle clean, dry and ventilated. For the two-storey, relatively cool sheep house, the sheep can be rushed in directly after catching herd. If the sheep is found to be lack of energy and does not like to eat grass, it will have blood and other symptoms, indicating that the sheep has been burned and wounded. It is necessary to dry the sheep overnight and treat the diseased sheep.

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