Is frying eggs healthier than boiled eggs?

A new study by a foreign research group shows that protein in cooked or fried eggs can lower blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular incidence, and fried eggs are better than boiled eggs.

Researchers at the University of Alberta wrote: "The results of the study show that when people eat cooked eggs, they produce a lot of ACE inhibitory peptides when they are digested in the body. This substance has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases (including hypertension)." The researchers found that the protein in the fried egg is more potent than the protein in the boiled egg.

This difference may be due to the difference in cooking temperature: 170 °C for fried eggs and 100 °C for boiled eggs. There is also a way of heating the eggs: fried eggs are almost the same as the whole egg, while boiled eggs are from egg shells to egg yolks. In boiled eggs, the protein in the egg yolk or the tightly packed white egg white may not have undergone any major changes. Therefore, the amount of protein absorbed during digestion is relatively small, and the amount of ACE-inhibiting peptide produced is relatively small. Researchers believe that the findings further indicate that eggs are an excellent health food. In particular, the protein inside the egg plays a significant role, and the fat and oil inside the fried egg do not have to be considered.

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