Yurik's lemon cultivation techniques

Euclid's lemon (also known as American lemon) is native to southern California and is one of the major lemon fruits in the international market. The fruit is golden yellow, beautiful and fragrant, and nutritious. It is a raw material for fresh food, processing, spices, medicine and food industry and beauty products. Juice contains 3% - 7% citric acid, vitamins, C rich, unique flavor. In the botanical classification, it belongs to the genus Citrus in the family of Rutaceae. The fruit contains a lot of tannic acid with medicinal functions.
Yurik Lemon has the following characteristics: 1 early end of high yield. Three years after planting trial production, the fourth year after the production of more than 1,000 kilograms per mu. 2 The growth is prosperous, the tree is more open and dwarf, and the crown is better. 3 years of flowering results, mainly spring and summer flower results. 4 good resistance. Yurik's lemon cultivation techniques are described as follows:
First, open pit planting. The pit should be completed several months before planting, with a pit depth of 0.8 meters, a length and width of 1 meter, and sufficient basal fertilization with a spacing of 4.2-2.5 meters. Autumn and winter in our district is relatively dry, and the time for planting should be the best before the spring seedlings have sprouted before they shoot new shoots. When planting, the long root and lacerated lateral roots of the spine were cut and shortened with a branch cutter, the leaves were properly cut, the roots were well-pasted, and the mud was filled and compacted. The roots were filled with water and the trees were covered with moisturizing.
Second, tending management. 1 Soil management. To deepen the soil and increase soil organic matter as the main measure. Intercropping green manure, expanding pits, greening and fertilizing in different directions year by year. 2 pruning. It is better to use a naturally happy crown. Saplings are released 4 times (Spring shoots, early summer shoots, summer shoots, autumn shoots). The results tree only put spring shoots and autumn shoots each year to control summer shoots. Every year after fruit picking, carry out winter cutting, remove the weak branches from the outside, and harvest the fruit. After the fruit has been harvested, the internal branches, short branches and leafless internal branches, cross branches, shade branches, and disease and insect branches will be selected for short-term harvesting. The stout result mother branch. Clear autumn flowers, winter flowers, spring flowers to achieve the results of all the requirements to eliminate summer flowers, or leave summer flowers to make up the output. 3 fertilizer and water management. Every year in addition to the necessary deep-thickening and improved soil, organic fertilizers should be applied, and quick-release fertilizers should be applied. The time is in the early flowering period (March), the fruit expansion period (June-July), and the autumn shoot period (August-September). In the spring and autumn in our district, drought often occurs. Water should be poured as appropriate. During the rainy season (June-August), drainage should be done well.
Third, Baohuabaoguo. In addition to the rhizosphere fertilization in the flowering stage and the Xiehua period, extra-root fertilizer should be applied. Spray 2 to 40 ppm of “90% O” and foliar fertilizer once every two-thirds of the time to reduce the first physiology. Falling fruit. In the second half of May, the second heavy fruit drop period sprayed 5-10ppm2,4-D foliar fertilizer once.
Fourth, pest and disease control. In addition to common diseases and insect pests, turbid fluid is one of the major diseases of Yurik's lemon. Glue disease mainly damages the main branches and stems, and the plants show fluidity after they become infected. The light trees have a decline in their whole tree vigor and affect the flowering results. In severe cases, the whole plant dies. It can happen throughout the year, and the rainy season is heavier. Soil viscosity, long-term accumulation of water, canopy closure, and damage to Giardia and Cerambycidae are the precipitating factors. Control methods: 1 Chemical control. With a knife, cut a circle 0.5 centimeters away from the sickle to make the diseased part cut off from the healthy part so as to prevent the spread of the bacteria. Then several slits (about 1 cm in length) were cut in the diseased part, and the depth was up to the xylem. Then they were painted. On the liquid. The liquid medicine is: Bordeaux paste (1:1:20), thiophanate-methyl 100-200 times, multi-functionomycin 500-600 ppm plus 2,4-D20ppm, etc., and the effect is very good. 2 comprehensive prevention and control. Strengthen the cultivation and management, apply more organic manure, balance fertilization, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are roughly 1: 0.3-0.5: 1-1.2; while applying boron fertilizer, it is beneficial to control the occurrence of the disease, and can often spray 500-800 times of borax or Boron fertilizer applied to the soil; Pay attention to drainage in the rainy season; Improve the viscous soil; Make timely pruning to keep the orchard ventilated and light-transmitting; The tree trunk is whitened; Prevent and control the giardia, every 10 days at the outbreak of Giardia (April-May) Spray once, even spray 2 or 3 times, choose 40% omethoate 1000 times or 80% dichlorvos 1000 times or 25% imidophos 500 times.

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