Why eggplant leaves half yellow half green

Recently, Mr. Zhang, a vegetable farmer from Shouguang City, Shandong Province, reported that yellow leaves died from the leaves of half of the eggplant he had planted in the arch shed, while the other half of the leaves grew normally. He used nucleotides, chitin, etc. to mitigate the damage, but the eggplant Not only did the yellow leaf not lose weight but it became heavier and heavier, especially after watering. Ask what is the cause of this.

The symptoms described by Mr. Zhang are very similar to the symptoms of verticillium wilt. The incidence of Verticillium wilt is mostly developed from the side of the plant or the leaves, and half of the plants appear wilting and the other side grows normally. Because I did not see the diseased plant, the author was not sure that it was the danger of verticillium wilt, so he came to Mr. Zhang's shed.

The author observed that the yellow leaves of eggplant mostly appeared in the lower part of the plant, and the diseased leaf had the main vein as the dividing line. The half of the yellowed leaves had no spots, and most of them were evenly yellowed, so it was considered that the yellow leaves were not caused by drug stimulation. Death. After the diseased plant was pulled out, the rhizome of the diseased plant was cut and the vascular bundle of the plant turned brown. This is a typical symptom of Verticillium wilt on eggplant. Because the medicine is not symptomatic, Mr. Zhang has repeatedly seen no effect, and the incidence is getting worse.

Eggplant Verticillium wilt is mainly transmitted by watering. The vegetable farmer should remove the diseased plants in the shed in time, and sprinkle carbendazim in the planting hole to disinfect the soil. The soil around the diseased plant should be raised to prevent the water from passing over the planting when watering. The hole causes the bacteria to spread with water. At the same time the use of drugs for prevention and treatment, can be used 50% carbendazim sulfonate wettable powder 800 times solution or 30% diphenhydramine EC 1000 times to irrigate root, each strain of irrigating solution 100 ml, 6-8 days interval Irrigation 1 time, even irrigation 3-4 times, the prevention effect is better.

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