What foods do pregnant women eat harmful to the fetus?

Prenatal and postnatal care is now a fertility method for young people. In order for children to be healthy in the future, parents are prepared to prepare before pregnancy. Among these preparations, it is particularly important for pregnant women to eat. There are some foods that are good for the fetus and some foods can endanger the health of the fetus. So, what foods are harmful to the fetus?

Canned food

Canned foods are added with a certain amount of additives during the production process, such as synthetic colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. Although these additives have little effect on healthy adults, excessive intake of pregnant women is detrimental to health. In addition, the nutritional value of canned food is not high. After high temperature treatment, vitamins and other nutrients in food have been destroyed to some extent.

2, spinach

People always think that spinach is rich in iron and has a blood-supplementing function, so it is considered as a good vegetable for preventing anemia in pregnancy. In fact, spinach does not contain much iron, but contains a large amount of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can affect the absorption of zinc and calcium. The content of calcium and zinc in pregnant women decreases, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

3, long-lasting potatoes

Potatoes contain alkaloids, and the longer the stored alkaloids, the higher the content of alkaloids. Excessive consumption of this potato can affect the normal development of the fetus, leading to fetal malformations. Of course, individual differences are very large. Not every person will experience abnormalities after eating, but it is better for pregnant women to avoid eating, especially if they do not eat long-term stored potatoes.

4, thermal condiments

Pregnant women eat hot condiments cumin, star anise, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, allspice and other easy to consume intestinal water, reduce gastrointestinal secretion, resulting in intestinal dryness, constipation. After constipation occurs, pregnant women must be forced to breathe and deflate, so that increased abdominal pressure, oppression of the fetus in the uterus, easy to cause fetal movement disturbed, premature delivery and other adverse consequences.

5. Chocolate and hawthorn

Excessive consumption of chocolate can cause pregnant women to feel full, thus affecting appetite. As a result, the body becomes fat and the necessary nutrition is lacking. Pregnant women prefer to eat sour things and hawthorn becomes the preferred fruit. Hawthorn excitatory effect on the uterus, pregnant women over eating can make the uterus contract, leading to the possibility of miscarriage, it should eat less.

6, watermelon

Daily eating fruit should not exceed 250g, limited to eat watermelon, because watermelon is a diuretic, easily lead to dehydration of pregnant women.

7, drink tea

A British doctor found that tea contains a lot of fluoride, fluoride in a cup of tea up to 1.25 mg. If it is used to feed pregnant mice, it is found that the born mice have skeletal deformities. Although the harm of fluorine to the fetus is not yet certain, it is better not to drink strong tea. Drink tea during pregnancy, not only susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, affecting the fetus's nutrient supply, because the tea contains caffeine, but also increase the number of pregnant women's heartbeat and urination, increase pregnant women's heart and kidney burden, loss of maternal and The health of the fetus.

8, liver

Finland and the United States have advised pregnant women that they should eat less pork liver. Because of the excessive fattening agent added to modern feeds that are quickly fattened up for livestock, the high vitamin A content causes it to accumulate in the animal's liver. Pregnant women eat too much liver, a lot of vitamin A will be very easy to enter the body, great harm to the development of the fetus, and even teratogenic.

9, MSG

The main ingredient of monosodium glutamate is sodium glutamate, which is released from the urine when combined with zinc in the blood. Excessive intake of monosodium glutamate consumes a large amount of zinc, leading to zinc deficiency in pregnant women. The zinc is a necessity for the growth and development of the fetus, so pregnant women should eat less.

10, pickled sauerkraut

Contains nitrosamines that can cause fetal aberrations.

11. Drink coffee and cola drinks

The main components of coffee and cola are alkaloids such as caffeine and clonidine. Caffeine and clonidine are exciting drugs for the central nervous system. It has been determined that a bottle of 340 grams of cola-type beverages contains 50 to 80 milligrams of caffeine. If one bottle of caffeine contains more than 1 gram of caffeine, it will cause the central nervous system to become excited, showing restlessness, quick breathing, and muscle. Tremor, tachycardia, extrasystoles and insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus, etc. Even if taking less than 1 gram, due to irritation of the gastric mucosa, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations, and pain in the precordial area can also occur. The fetus is particularly sensitive to caffeine, and caffeine can quickly pass through the placenta and act on the fetus, causing the fetus to be adversely affected. It was confirmed by injections of caffeine in pregnant rats that the pups were prone to cleft palate, meningocele, spina bifida, no jaw, no eyes, abnormal bones, short stature, and limb deformities. For the health of the next generation, pregnant women should carefully drink or ban coffee and cola drinks.

12, drinking

Research shows that pregnant women drinking is an important cause of infant malformation and mental retardation. This is because any trace amount of alcohol can enter the fetus through the placenta without any hindrance, so that the alcohol concentration in the fetus is the same as the concentration of alcohol in the mother. The French medical doctor had observed 127 children born to women who had drunk women and found that they all had common defects: single eyelids, even if the double eyelids were not obvious, the nose was flat, the inner corner of the eye was everted, and the face was flat and narrow. Small, blurred nose, thin and tight upper lip, short chin. Children who are poisoned by alcohol and have poor facial development account for about one-third of children born to drinking mothers.

More serious is the damage of alcohol to the brain and heart. About 30% of the babies' heart disease is caused by pregnant women drinking alcohol. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to drink too much, and the birth of a child will soon die. The anatomy of dead infants suggests that their brains are not only smaller than normal children, but also that their brains are underdeveloped or show abnormalities. Many countries have conducted intelligence tests on children who were poisoned by alcohol in their fetuses and found that their intelligence quotients were below normal levels, and most of them showed unresponsiveness, mental retardation, or idiots.

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