What foods babies can not eat more?

How the baby correctly eats this is the most troublesome thing for every mother. The child is still young, the digestive function is not perfect, it cannot be eaten hard, or the food is too cold, what you can eat cannot be eaten. This is actually a very university question. Here we look at which food babies should eat less:

Which food babies should eat less

First, the taste of heavy seasonings. Thicker sauces such as sand sauce, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, mustard, monosodium glutamate, or excessive sugar can easily aggravate your baby's kidney burden and interfere with the body's absorption of other nutrients. Don't give these things to your baby. If an adult wants to eat, he should first bring the baby's one to the food when making food.

Second, raw seafood. Seafoods such as sashimi and raw oysters, even when fresh, can easily cause infections and allergies without cooking.

Third, honey. Honey is a natural and non-sterile food. Clostridium botulinum contains botulism spores. When contaminated with Clostridium botulinum, it breeds in the intestine and releases botulinum toxin, causing infantile botulism. Sulphur poisoning, coupled with the inability of the gastrointestinal system to absorb, should allow the baby to eat it after the first year of life. Some people say that it is easy for a baby to eat honey to cause precocious puberty. Stars do not know if this is really the case.

Fourth, all kinds of small snacks. Jelly, bubble gum, instant noodles, sunflower seed chocolate, etc., try not to give your baby to eat.

Jelly itself has no nutritional value, eat or eat will affect children's growth and development. Plasticizers in bubble gum contain micro-toxicity, and its metabolites are harmful to the human body. Instant noodles consist of fried noodles with salt and monosodium glutamate. Because of its special flavor, many babies like to eat, and parents often use it as the main food in the diet.

However, the biggest drawback of instant noodles is the lack of protein, fat, vitamins and trace elements, which are the essential nutrients for the development of children's various organs and tissues. Sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids, and children who eat more can affect the function of liver cells. Excessive consumption of chocolate can cause the central nervous system to be in an abnormally excited state, causing anxiety, rapid heartbeat and affecting appetite.

Fifth, foreign fast food. Due to its good dining environment, style and tempting flavor, foreign snacks are especially popular among children. Western fast foods are high in fat, high in calories and low in vitamins. Children who often eat foreign fast foods have a much greater probability of becoming chubby piers, and have a variety of “civilized diseases” such as hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, and obesity. "The end of the relationship. Cola drinks contain a certain amount of caffeine, affect the central nervous system, children should not drink.

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