What food is often eaten by constipation?

Due to various bad living habits, modern people often suffer from constipation, and many people do not understand the problem of constipation. Experts pointed out that constipation to eat what food can help us effectively relieve the pain of constipation.

1, sweet-scented osmanthus walnut

Foodstuff: Stone flower (Arms 15g), Walnut 250g, A little sugar osmanthus, Amount of jackfruit, Cream 100g

Practices: 1. First, add walnuts and grind the pulp into pulp; then put 250 ml of water in the pot and 15 g of stone flowers. Mix the sugar with sugar until it dissolves. At the same time, add walnut paste and mix well. Finally, put the cream into the pot and stir it. Then, put it in a slow fire and pour it into the container.

2. Wait until the walnut syrup is allowed to cool, then place it in the refrigerator until the walnut syrup freezes and remove it. Then use a knife to draw a diamond block. Finally, you can place your plate according to your personal preference, sprinkle sweet-scented osmanthus, topped with jackfruit, etc., or you can pour cold sweet soup or soft drinks.

Osmanthus fragrans walnut jelly can be eaten as a dessert, more suitable for some patients with involuntary constipation.

2, sesame porridge

Ingredients: 2 g sesame seeds, 50 g glutinous rice, a little honey
Method: Heat the pan and then add the sesame seeds, then fry the black sesame seeds over medium heat until the scent is released. Then remove the glutinous rice, then wash the glutinous rice and add the appropriate amount of fresh water to the pot. Into the pot, use the fire to boil and then switch to slow fire, wait until the maturity of the rice and then put sesame, honey, etc., continue to cook until the rice rotten porridge.

People who often have constipation can often eat sesame porridge twice a day for breakfast and dinner. Regular consumption has a good laxative effect.

3, mulberry sesame cake
Foodstuff: 30g mulberry, 60g black sesame seeds, 10g sesame, 700g glutinous rice flour, 30g white sugar, 300g glutinous rice flour
Method: Put the prepared black sesame into the pot, and then use the simmer and saute until it is ready; then wash the mulberry and hemp into the pot, and then put in the appropriate amount of water, and then change it after boiling with a fire. Simmer for 20 minutes and finally leave the juice behind.

2. Place the prepared glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and white sugar into a container, then add the concoction and the appropriate amount of fresh water, and make the dough into a cake. Sprinkle the black sesame on each cake and steam it. 15 to 20 minutes Serve.

Mulberry sesame cake is very simple to eat, as long as once a day, morning and evening meals. In the problem of constipation to eat what food, mulberry sesame cake has a very good effect.

4, sweet potato porridge

Foodstuff: Sweet potato 50g, Millet 50g

Practice: washed sweet potatoes peeled and cut into an inch long, five-thick chunks; then clean the millet xiaomi, together with the sweet potato block into the pot and add appropriate amount of water; then use Wuhuo Shaofei, switch to slow fire Cook until the rice rots into porridge. Patients with constipation can eat 2 times a day, preferably at breakfast and dinner.

Sweet potato porridge, especially for people with habitual constipation, has a very good therapeutic effect. If you do not like to eat sweet potato porridge, you can also directly eat raw sweet potatoes, which also has a good effect of constipation treatment.

5, lard honey cream

Ingredients: 100g lard, 100g honey

Practice: Put 100 grams of lard into a enamel cup, add honey at the same time, and then use a fire to boil and stop the fire to cool it. Then stir the oil and honey evenly and serve it twice a day, one tablespoon at a time.

The reason why many people have constipation is because of intestinal dryness. At this time, it is appropriate to eat some lard honey cream, which can effectively play the role of intestines.

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