Use of bacterial biopesticides should pay attention

First, avoid using inferior agents. In order to ensure the quality of the used pharmacy, it should be purchased from the regular manufacturers and pharmacy sales points to prevent counterfeiting, and pay attention to the date of manufacture and the useful life of the pharmacy and the reasonable storage and storage of the pharmacy to prevent expiration.

Second, avoid using under low temperature. The active ingredients of bacterial biocides are protein crystals and live sprouts. At low temperatures, spores reproduce slowly in insects and protein crystals do not work well.

Third, avoid dry environment. The spores of bacteria in bio-insecticides in bacteria have a moist environment. Therefore, the higher the field humidity is, the more effective the pesticides are. In particular, pesticides that spray powdered biological agents should pay attention to field humidity. Generally, the powder is sprayed when there is dew in the early morning and early evening so as to facilitate the fungicides to better adhere to the stems and leaves of the crops, and to promote the propagation of spores and improve the efficacy. Spraying vegetables for half an hour before spraying or spraying on a foggy morning is better.

Fourth, bogey strong light. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight have a killing effect on the spores, and if the light is strong, the ultraviolet rays will kill the bacteria. According to tests, direct sunlight for half an hour, the spores mortality rate of about 50%; direct 1 hour, the spores mortality rate of 80%. In addition, UV radiation will degrade parasporal crystals. Therefore, the application of bacterial biopesticides should be performed in cloudy or weakly lighted vegetable plots. It is generally administered on a sunny day before 10 o'clock or in the evening.

Fifth, avoid heavy rain rinse. Shortly after the application of bacterial bio-pesticides, in the event of moderate to heavy rain, the bacterial broth sprayed on the stems and leaves of the crops will be flushed away to reduce the efficacy. However, if light rain occurs after 5 hours of application, not only does it reduce the control effect, but it also has a synergistic effect, because it is beneficial to the rapid proliferation of bacterial spores in and outside the pests.

Six, bogey and fungicides mixed use. Do not mix bacterial biocides with fungicides (such as carbendazim, thiophanate, etc.), which can easily lead to a serious reduction in the number of bacteria in the pharmacy, and thus affect the insecticidal effect. Therefore, even sprayers that have been sprayed with a bactericidal agent must be rinsed clean before assembling bacterial biocidal agents.

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