US INTEGRA company develops new cortical electrode

INTEGRA Life Sciences USA has developed a new cortical electrode, Auragen, which is placed on the surface of the brain for safe and accurate cortical EEG detection.

The purpose of the Auragen electrode for cortical electroencephalography is to detect epileptogenic lesions in the brain mapping procedure before and after surgical removal. The electrodes can be placed on the surface of the cerebral cortex or inserted into the subdural space to contact the cortical surface depending on the purpose of the test. Auragen cortical electrodes can be contacted with platinum, rhodium, and gold plating, ranging from 4 to 64 depending on surface area. The electrodes are connected to the recording cable, which in turn is connected to the hospital EEG recording device. The electrodes can also be used to map the cerebral cortex prior to tumor resection, allowing the physician to avoid resection of areas that may result in loss of sputum or language ability. Auragen electrodes have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as certified in the EU CE mark and have received FDA approval for use under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) conditions.

“The Auragen electrode line enhances clear, consistent and reliable signals through its increased conductivity,” said Christopher von Yaoko, vice president of neuroscience marketing at INTEGRA. “The progress of our brain mapping electrodes and accessories reflects our commitment. The belief in developing new products adds confidence to the clinician's testing."

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