Two-day gift market close to the battle is positive wine tea moon cakes and other promotional hot

The Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day have not yet arrived and the festive atmosphere is already strong. A few days ago, the reporter visited Wal-Mart, Sam, Carrefour, Rainbow, China Resources Vanguard and other major supermarkets and shopping malls. Wine, moon cakes, tea, and other promotional products have become fierce.

High-end wine selling wine favored

The reporter found that Maotai, Wuliangye and other high-end wines have been placed in the most prominent locations in the shopping mall. A staff member of the Carrefour supermarket told the reporter: "We are usually reluctant to drink high-priced wine. At the holiday season, the demand for reciprocating ceremonies has increased rapidly and the sales of high-end liquor have risen."

The price of Maotai is like riding a roller coaster. From the end of last year to the Spring Festival, 53 degrees flying Maotai broke through the 2,000 yuan mark and the highest price reached more than 2,300 yuan. By July this year, the bottle price was only 1,519 yuan or even lower. Just when people thought that the probability of Moutai’s recent “jedi fight back” was greatly reduced, on the evening of September 3, Kweichow Moutai issued a price increase announcement, with an average increase rate of 20% to 30%. The reporter visited some Moutai wine stores in Shenzhen. According to salespersons, the factory price of Maotai was raised, but the headquarters did not inform retail prices for the time being. Therefore, the price of 53-degree flying Maotai wine was still set at 1,519 yuan. Many customers were affected by the expected price increase and they came to buy one after another, making some stores appear out of stock.

It was also learned that due to the influence of the "double festival" atmosphere, the sales of futures wines were concerned by investors and the prices were very good. The so-called wine, that is, when the wine is stored in the oak barrel, it begins to “pre-sale”, and after the wine has completed the prescribed aging process (usually about one year to one and a half years), the wine can be obtained from the winery. The industry also called the wine "hops." An alcohol futures investor said: “Buying period wine can get a lower price, because the price of wine is far more than the period of the wine when the finished product is listed. The period of wine investment as an alternative investment, more suitable for stronger funds Strength, long-term (more than two years) investors who have or have a favorite hobby."

Moon cake slimming tea mix and match

Affected by the provisions of the new national standard for packaging, the moon cakes sold by most of the city's merchants this year are generally more simplistic in packaging, and the phenomenon of high-end luxury mooncakes and matching and sales of valuable gifts is relatively rare. In addition to the iron packaging that some businesses introduced, paper packaging is still the mainstream. In addition to “slimming” on the packaging, fillings also take into account the demands of many citizens “slimming”, and major manufacturers have introduced a variety of low-sugar fruit moon cakes.

Many supermarket mooncake promotions hit "cozy cards." Before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Wal-Mart Stores across the country held a “Mid-Autumn Festival to Bring You, He and Him, and the Community Warmth to Home” activity, which sent warmth to the lonely elderly people in the community by sending holiday packages and sending moon cakes to difficult families in the community. Tianhong United Postal EMS has launched a convenient and favorable postal service. The purchase of designated moon cakes plus 10 yuan can be used to express all over the country.

This year's tea market is also more prosperous. The "mashup" type of combination is also a major feature of gift tea this year. In previous years, the tea gift box contained only one kind of tea, and the category was relatively simple. This year's tea gift boxes are generally loaded with two kinds of tea or even three kinds of tea, so they sell better than in previous years.

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According to the Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, September 20th, despite the approach of the “two-quarter” of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, the “leading industry” Kweichow Moutai has also taken the lead in raising the ex-factory price at the beginning of the month, but this does not seem to have sparked a “hot” sales market in the end market. All kinds of signs seem to indicate that the sales season of “Jin 9 Silver 10” has been broken and the liquor market has entered a round of adjustment cycle.

“The domestic liquor market has always had a turbulent cycle of rising in popularity and rising in large numbers. The sales and profits of traditional channels in September each year account for 1/4 of the whole year.” Liquor expert pointed out that the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day Festival is the peak season for sales of liquor, dealers often start a large number of high-end liquor in the first two months before the holiday, and "spread" price increases to stimulate the end market, but this year seems to have been broken.

Although Kweichow Moutai, known as the “vane” of the liquor industry, has already raised its ex-factory price on September 1, other wine producers have not followed up prices as quickly as they have in the past. On the contrary, not only does the terminal price of Maotai itself have no obvious increase, but also the price of other wine enterprises such as Wuliangye is the same.

It is worth noting that not only the current liquor terminal price has not seen a significant increase, and in order to welcome the holiday market and stimulate consumption, some wine merchants have started to launch various promotional methods. On the Internet, many wine e-commerce companies such as Buying Wine Network and are playing hotly. Various promotional activities, such as sending coupons, buying gifts, bundling price reductions, and buying one get one, have caused a variety of wine prices to go up and down. The sales of merchants are also considerable.

Analysts believe that after two years of rapid development, the impact of alcohol e-commerce on the traditional channel price system is constantly emerging. At the same time, the traditional liquor market in China has begun to enter the adjustment period under the multiple pressures of “three-public consumption” restrictions and excess production capacity.

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