There are coups in mosquito repellent in pig houses

Hang buckwheat leaves. The buckwheat leaves are bundled into small pieces and soaked in diesel (water and diesel are added in a ratio of 3:7). Generally, 4 to 6 square meters of pigs are hung from 2 to 3, one of which is hung in the door of the pig house. Replace it once every 3 to 5 days, and have a good mosquito repellent effect.

Feed vitamin B1. Each pig was given 130 to 40 mg of vitamin B each time, taking it once every 3 days. After metabolism of vitamin B1 in the body, it produces a special odor that the mosquitoes can't approach, thus protecting the pig from mosquito bites.

Install a red light bulb. Red light has a repellent effect on mosquitoes. In a pig house about 1 meter from the ground, install a red light bulb of 20 to 60 watts. Turn the pig house into a "red light area" and the mosquitoes will not dare to approach.

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