Spring vegetable seedlings disinfection nutrition soil

Before planting the vegetables, the nutritious soil on the nursery bed must be disinfected to ensure robust growth during growth and development.

Formalin disinfection method: For each 1000 kg of nutrient soil, use 40% formalin 250 g, 60 kg of water, stir and pulverize uniformly, cover with plastic film for 24 hours, and uncover the film for 10 to 15 days. . This method is suitable for the sowing of small vegetable seeds.

Carbendazim disinfecting method: 50% carbendazim per square meter with 8 to 10 grams of soil mixed with the right amount of fine soil. Two-thirds of them were sown on the bed surface and the other third was mixed into the cover soil after sowing. This method can quickly kill the disease microorganisms in the soil, promote the germination of vegetable seeds and improve the uniformity.

Dixon disinfection method: Use 70% of the enemy's pine powder 0.5 kg mixed with 20 kg of fine soil, mix and spread on the surface of the nutrient soil, after sowing, cover the soil according to the size of the seed diameter. This method is effective in preventing bacterial damping-off and blight of vegetables.

Rhizopoxicillin disinfection method: use 25% of the 50 grams of water, 50 grams of 50 grams of water, mix and then spray 1000 kg of nutrient soil, stirring while spraying evenly, after the accumulation of 1 hour can be planted on a seedbed. This law applies to the prevention and control of vegetables anthrax, blight, damping-off.

The ferrous sulfate disinfection method: 5 to 7 days before the sowing of vegetables, 2% to 3% of the aqueous solution is poured on the culture soil, and the application rate is 4.5 kg per square meter, and the mixture is evenly mixed. This method is suitable for sowing of vegetables that prefers acidic soils.

Bordeaux liquid disinfection method: the same amount of nutrition soil per square meter (copper sulfate: lime: water ratio of 1:1:100) Bordeaux mixture 2.5 kilograms, plus scattered 10 grams of soil sprayed soil, until the soil is slightly dry Sowing cuttings. The utility model has obvious effect on controlling black spot, rust, brown spot and anthrax of vegetables.

Daison ammonium disinfection method: Daison ammonium strong bactericidal, can penetrate into the plant body, there is a certain fertilizer effect after decomposition in the plant body. With a 50% solution of 350-fold denser ammonium, 3 kg of water per square meter of nursery soil can be used to prevent black spot, downy mildew, powdery mildew, blight and other diseases.

Disinfection of pentachloronitrobenzene: 45% of pentachloronitrobenzene per square meter of nursery, and 5 grams of dexamethasone, mix well with 12 kg of fine soil. When planting, the upper cover is used to prevent and cure vegetable anthracnose, blight, damping-off and other special effects.

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