Several measures of anti-injury seedlings in greenhouses

In the winter and spring seasons, there are times when the temperature inside the greenhouse is lower than outside the greenhouse. This phenomenon is called “reverse temperature” and often occurs around midnight. Vegetable seedlings are very sensitive to this, and a little care can lead to frost damage. There are two reasons for the inversion of greenhouses. First, in a sunny day, the temperature in the shed rapidly rises, and at night, it emits heat through long-wave radiation through the cover; second, the temperature of the leaves of the plants is higher than the temperature. It also produces heat radiation. To prevent temperature inversion in greenhouses, the following measures should be taken: Cultivation of sorghum, covering mulch For seedlings such as tomato, eggplant, and pepper that are transplanted in winter, the soil in the shed should be ridiculed and cultivated into sorghum before planting, and then covered with plastic film. In doing so, the groundwater level can be reduced, the heat loss in the evening can be reduced, and the heat can be preserved and protected. It should be noted that the mulch must be tightly sealed around to prevent the intrusion of cold air. Shed sheds, multi-layer covering vegetable seedlings survived after transplanting, but also in the shed to increase the arch shed, multi-layer coverage, this can effectively increase the temperature inside the shed. With the addition of curtains, the gates that cover the textile sheds are often opened, affecting the insulation effect, so curtains or old membranes are used to make curtains outside the gates to prevent cold air from entering. In addition, weeds and other grass textiles can be placed around the shed to reduce the heat radiation from the shed.

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