Select ducks are exquisite

The quality of ducks directly affects the growth rate, physical size and laying performance of offspring. Therefore, the selection method of ducks is now described as follows:

According to the appearance of the body, the type of duck is selected to be large, thick and thick, with deep and prominent chest, wide and long back, mouth flush, large and bright eyes, thick legs and strong, vigorous, lively, fast growing, and tight feathers. , shiny, strong libido. The choice of female ducks should aim at laying eggs. The selected female ducks should be long and plump but not obese. The mouth should be long, the eyes should be large and maneuverable, the head should be small, the neck should be slender, the legs should be thick, and the distance between the legs should be wide. Deep and wide, with full hips drooping without rubbing the ground, the tail wide and flat, walking stable, strong food searching, fine feathers, and the stripes of the duck must be fine. If you are aiming at meat production, you should choose a duck that has a long body, a wide back, a deep and prominent chest, plump feathers, sluggish behavior, a docile character, and fast growth.

Selecting egg production based on productivity is related to factors such as the maturity of the duck, the morning and evening of the moulting period, and the weight of the egg. Usually the age at the time of production is early, the feathers are late, the egg type is large, the egg production lasts for a long time, and the egg production is high; on the contrary, the egg production is low.

Meat production is one of the important indicators for the selection of meat ducks, including body weight, growth rate, fattening ability and meat quality. Therefore, it is better to choose the fastest growing group, the larger body weight, and the characteristics of this breed.

The breeding power of ducks usually refers to egg production, fertilization rate, hatching rate and survival rate of ducklings. The relationship between the level of breeding power and economic efficiency is intimacy. If the breeding power is high, then the economic benefit is high, and vice versa.

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