New Fish Farming

Biofeeding fishes use photosynthetic bacteria to produce fish feed by using crop stalks (such as wheat straw, rice straw, corn stalks, and peanut husks). The method is: crush the crop stalks, put them into the fermentation tank, and add the stalk powder weight 80 % of water, 1% of saccharification enzyme, 1% of complex enzyme, 0.5% of live yeast, 1% of sodium chloride, 0.5% of lactic acid, stir well, then access 3% of photosynthetic bacteria, in 15— When cultured at 35 degrees Celsius for 2 days, the material layer is covered with white hyphae, and the odor is produced with high-efficiency fish biological feed, which can be made into pellets for drying and storage. Grass meal, chicken manure, fish feed, bean, peanut, corn, rapeseed, etc., crop straw or wild grass dried and powdered, mixed with chicken manure and fermented into high-quality bait, and feeding fish can reduce the cost. The method is: use 2.5 kg plastic pot, first into the starter, brown sugar, 100 grams each, and then pour warm water (15-30 degrees Celsius is appropriate), until filled with plastic pot, tightly sealed, place 12-24 Hours, ready-made yeast liquid; then take chicken manure 30%, straw grass powder 40%, rapeseed cake or cottonseed cake 10%, corn flour 20%, mix, dry mix 50 kg, spread on the ground, Mix 40-60 kilograms of clear water and 2.5 kilograms of mother liquor together and pour into the dry material and mix thoroughly. Then mix and mix the material into a sealed concrete pool, jar, plastic bag and other containers, compaction, sealing, 8-10 days in winter, 3-5 days in summer, there is Qu Xiang, acid flavor, you can feed fish. Fermentation of Calcium-Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Fish Calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizer is insoluble in water. If it is applied to a fish pond after fermentation, the fertilizer and water effect is good. Can use 100 kg fertilizer plus 200-250 kilograms of livestock manure water, 150 kilograms of vegetable garden mud soaking mud, fully mix well, piled into a tower shape, the surface is tight, covered with Plastic Film, 20 days after stacking, the vast majority of calcium and magnesium Phosphorus is dissolved and converted and can be applied in open stacks. Applying 30 kg of fermented fertilizer per acre for 15 days, plankton will multiply after 3-5 days, and the effect is very satisfactory. Composted fish in the hull composted with chaff to produce compost fish can greatly save food. Choose a flat place near the fish pond as a composting site. Mix 500 kg of chaff, 300 kg of pig cow dung, 100 kg of human waste and 800 kg of water, and mix the edge heap to make it 2 meters high and 5 inches wide. 6 meters long rectangular pile, after irrigating, the surface covered with 5-6 cm thick fine soil or mud sealed. Generally composting can be applied to fish ponds after 5-10 days. Fertilizer water quality can be used as a top-dressing fertilizer for best effect.

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