New Coated Controlled Release Fertilizers

1. Coated controlled-release fertilizers are pre-set fertilizer release patterns in the growing season of crops, so that their nutrient release rules and crop nutrient absorption phase synchronization, so as to achieve a fertilizer effect (fertilizer utilization) of a class of fertilizer.

2. The main function of controlled-release fertilizers is to delay the release of initial nutrients, extend the effective period of plant nutrient absorption and utilization of fertilizers, and set the duration of effective nutrient release.

3. Since the nutrient release rate and release period of coated controlled-release fertilizers are designed based on crop growth and fertilizer uptake rules, controlled-release fertilizers are only applied once to a single crop or crop to meet the nutrient requirements of the crop during the entire growing season.

4. For the controlled-release compound fertilizer with organic polymer coating, the formula ratio of NPK and its trace elements should be determined according to the needs of crops and the abundance of different soils. Crop-specific or general-purpose coated controlled release composites Fertilizer, visual crops and soil conditions were reduced by one-third to one-half compared to conventional control fertilizers, and the time interval for fertilization was determined based on the length of the controlled release period of the fertilizer.

5. The amount of coated controlled-release fertilizer should also be determined based on the comprehensive consideration of the target crop yield, soil fertility, and fertilizer nutrient content. At present, large-scale application of field crops is usually blended fertilizer with coated fertilizer and quick-acting fertilizer. The amount of nutrients, content and proportion of coated nutrient must be taken into account in the application amount. For example, a blended fertilizer contains only 30% of sulfur-coated urea and the other 70% is a conventional quick-release compound fertilizer. If the application of coated urea can reduce the application rate by one-third, the application amount of this fertilizer can only be reduced by 30. One-third of the nitrogen content of coated urea is only about 10% less than that of conventional blended fertilizers, and the proportion of available phosphorus and potassium must be increased accordingly, because this blended fertilizer is only controlled. Nitrogen and no controlled release of phosphorus and potassium.

6. The application method of coated controlled-release fertilizer needs to be carried out according to the characteristics of planting and growth of different crops. For crops with dense roots and uniform distribution of rice, wheat, etc., it is possible to apply controlled-release fertilizers according to the recommended special coating before sowing or transplanting. Sprinkle evenly on the surface at one time, plant after ploughing, and no longer apply fertilizer during the growth period.

7. For corn, cotton, peanuts and other large-row crops, according to the recommended special coated controlled-release fertilizer application amount, one-time ditching is applied to the lower part of the seed or near the side of the seed at a distance of 5 to 10 cm. Note the sulfur coating. Urea, blended fertilizer with coated fertilizer and available fertilizer can not be in direct contact with the seed, so as not to burn seeds or burn seedlings.

8. Apples, peaches, pears, and other fruit trees can open 6 to 8 radial tracts about 1 meter away from the trunk, about 20 centimeters deep, near the top of the trunk a little shallow, deep outside the canopy, and then bury the controlled-release fertilizer after it is applied. earth. In addition, the interval between fertilizers should also be determined based on the release period of controlled-release fertilizers.

9. When horticultural transplanting crops are used as base fertilizer, a pit is dug, the recommended amount of coated controlled release fertilizer is applied to the bottom of the pit, soil or substrate is mixed with fertilizer, and the transplanted plants are placed on top of the mixed fertilizer. Landfill, then water.

10. When potted plants are used as basal fertilizers, coated controlled release fertilizers can be mixed with the soil or the substrate. The amount of the controlled release fertilizers can be determined according to the size of the pots and the volume of the soil or matrix that can be loaded into the pots. The amount can be halved; when used as a top-dressing pot, the amount of fertilizer used is the same as that of the basal fertilizer, and the fertilizer is uniformly applied to the soil or substrate surface under the plant leaf crown. According to the release period of controlled-release fertilizers, topdressing is performed every 3 to 9 months.

Numerous tests and demonstrations have shown that the controlled release time of coated controlled-release fertilizers can range from 2 to 12 months, and it is extremely significant in rice, corn, wheat, cotton, peanuts, tobacco, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, lawns and other crops. Increase the yield, improve the quality or enhance the ornamental value, the nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate is more than 50% more than that of the ordinary control fertilizer, and in the case of reducing the dosage by 1/3 to half, there is still a significant increase in production or promotion of growth and development. The effect can improve the quality of crops in one season, can be used once, save time and labor. At the same time, the application of coated controlled-release fertilizer can significantly reduce the nitrogen volatilization and leaching of fertilizers, greatly improving the utilization of fertilizer nutrients, which not only saves fertilizer resources, but also greatly reduces the application of fertilizers to the atmosphere and water environment. Pollution.

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