Management of carp fingerlings

1. Water Quality Management:

Timely water injection: Regular monthly water injection 2 or 3 times. In the early stages of fish breeding, water is added every 3 to 5 days to maintain good water quality.

Apply quicklime regularly: Lime is applied once every 20 days or so, and 10kg of lime is produced per acre of water to maintain slightly acidic water.

Use aerators rationally: One 1.5-kilowatt aerator per 3,000 square meters of water surface. In the fish growing season, it insists on starting up every day. Normally, it is turned on at noon for half an hour on a sunny day, and it is turned on for 1 hour in the early morning on a cloudy day. Fish ponds that often have fish floating heads must be turned on 1 hour before the floating head of the fishes. Fish heads often appear floating heads, and they must be turned on at midnight. Under normal circumstances, they do not need to be turned on in the evening. Through the control of fertilization, feeding amount and reasonable use of aerators to keep the pool dissolved oxygen above 4 mg / liter to meet the needs of normal growth and development of fingerlings.

2. Fish disease prevention and control: Implement the principle of prevention, prevention and control, and work well for disease prevention and control. Regular inspection of fish diseases, found dead fish, to promptly check the cause of death, take preventive measures. In the prevention and treatment of fish diseases, drugs should be used in accordance with pollution-free requirements.

3. Regularly check the growth of fingerlings: If the growth of fingerlings is found to be slow, it is necessary to strengthen the feeding and regulate the water quality. If the growth of individual fingerlings is found to be uneven, they should be timely raked and sieved to feed fish ponds of different specifications.

4. Daily management:

1 Adhere to the patrol system: Every morning and evening, each patrol pond should be inspected to see whether the pond is damaged or not, whether there is any change in water quality, whether the fish has floating heads, and if problems are found, prompt remedy is required.

2 Keep the ponds sanitary: Frequently disinfect the bait stations and food courts, remove the poolside weeds and debris from the pool, and find dead fish. Remove them immediately.

3 Do a good job of flood control, escape prevention, etc.: always pay attention to whether the drainage culvert leaks fish to escape the fish. If you find that the culvert leaks, you need to deal with it in time. In the flood season, you need to work on a day and night basis to prevent flooding or flooding the embankment. Escape to avoid serious damage.

4 Do a good job in daily management records: Do a good job in the daily management of fish stocking, feeding, fertilization, disease prevention, treatment, and harvesting, establish a pond file, and accumulate raw data for analysis and analysis.

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