Kidney beans avoid watering

Master Guo Pan of Gaoliu Town, Qingzhou City This year, cowpeas grown by the vegetable growers were not dried in the shed for more than 10 days because of lack of water and dry soil. Therefore, in order to ensure the water supply of cowpeas, water was poured once during the flowering period of the cowpeas, resulting in long-lasting cowpea flowers. Out of a lot of tenderness fell, which makes Master Pan is very annoying. Then when the soil of cowpea flowering is relatively dry, how should we add water to it?

The author believes that "dried flowers and weeds" is the main point of cowpea flowering management. In other words, before the cowpea flowering to control the main water, if the soil moisture is good, only about 10 days before flowering, pour 1 water for flowering needs, and then until the loquat fruit to sit and grow to about 4 cm When you can water again. If watering too much before flowering, soil moisture is too large to cause plants to grow and fall out of flower, and Pan’s cowpea's falling flowers are caused by excessive watering. However, excessive water control is not allowed. Soil drought also causes poor flower bud differentiation and flowering. Therefore, when the soil is too dry, water should be used to supplement the water needed for plant growth and development so as to avoid falling. Alas, if the vegetable farmer has poor watering capacity, it is better to use the sprayer to root the roots. The amount of water per plant can be about half a catty, and then when the bean stew is about 4 centimeters long, it can be supplemented with water by watering. .

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