In the winter, even if you are overcast, you need to pay more calcium

Recently, a number of vegetable farmers have reported that the cucumbers they planted have just picked up two or three packs of melons. After being diagnosed by experts, it is caused by calcium deficiency. However, vegetable growers said that when planting, a large amount of calcium fertilizer has been used in the soil. Why are there symptoms of calcium deficiency in plants?

Cucumber plant performance is now lack of calcium, not because of calcium consumption caused by inadequate, but because of cucumber caused by poor absorption of calcium. Studies have shown that the mineral nutrients absorbed by the roots are transported mainly through the xylem to the stems and leaves of the plants. The main transportation power is transpiration. The calcium absorbed by the root can be transported to various parts of the vegetables with transpiration water to meet the needs of vegetable growth.

However, because there are more rainy days in recent days, the light in the shed is weak, the photosynthesis is weak, and the organic nutrient is insufficient. As a result, the roots absorb calcium fertilizers. In this case, the same temperature is low, humidity is high, and the transpiration of cucumber is weak, plus calcium. The mobility in the phloem is poor and it is difficult to transport it to the upper part of the cucumber plant, especially the growth point where the transpiration is weak and the calcium demand is very large. When the vegetable farmers found that the cucumber plants showed symptoms of calcium deficiency, they were supplemented by foliage. Because of the poor mobility of calcium, the control effect was not good.

In view of this situation, vegetable farmers should pay attention to the weather forecast. Before the cloudy days, the transpiration of vegetables will be weakened. Spray calcium fertilizer and boron fertilizer first to supplement the plant nutrition to prevent it from being exposed to overcast days. The demand for calcium fertilizer is difficult to meet and there is a lack of symptoms.

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